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Bernie Harbert and His Mule Polly's 2,500-mile Voyage Across America

Hi Lloyd and Lew,
I just wanted to let you know that Rocky Mountain PBS premiers the Lost Sea Expedition series January 4th. The series will also stream on Amazon and Vimeo. The story about this tiny wagon voyage across America featured in Tiny Homes (pp. 188–189). I think this info would really interest theshelterblog.com readers.

About the Lost Sea Expedition series

The 4-part series is about my 14 month voyage across America in my 21-square foot mule wagon.  I filmed the series with only the gear I carried in my wagon - no chase team, sponsor or film crew.
One new episode will be aired on Rocky Mountain PBS every Thursday in January.
The series will also stream on Amazon and Vimeo.

The Lost Sea Expedition on TheShelterBlog.com

It would be great if you could let readers of theshelterblog.com know about this series. I think they’d be very interested as it covers tiny homes on the move, off gird living and the best way to move a rattlesnake with a buggy whip. 
Here’s a link to a story about the journey’s early days.

I sure have enjoyed following theshelterblog.com over the years and think this series would really interest your readers.

Have a great New Year!


Howard Huges said...

I shall look forward to watching this.
I have seen several articles here about Bernie and Polly.

KAYUMA said...

this is exactly the type of natural (well if trekking with a mule and a 21 sq. ft. wagon is natural) that I love about your blog Lloyd.

Anonymous said...

Lloyd, nice to hear about. I think you've had him (or was it someone else with a mule?) on here prior?

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