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White Buffalo & Company McDermitt, Nevada

In a town of about 30 people just over the border from Oregon is Joe Van Eeten's rock, bone, sculpture, and fossil spread.

Joe, who's a charming raconteur

She bought this for $125.

Joe was going to fix this old hotel up as a home for Viet Nam vets, but ran out of money and now it's for sale.

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Eric Toulon said...

Great blog, came across it on my news feed. I produce more electricity than I use giving the vast majority of it back to the utility for a pittance. I still have to come out of pocket with what I get from them at an exorbitant rate, supposedly the highest in the country. I intend to rectify this by getting several of the Tesla 13 kWh batteries with additional panels to supplement the 36 I already have. Because of our rates I calculated that the system would pay for itself in about 7 years, took less that six instead.

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