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So You Think Your Place Is Small?

"Jack Leahy, 25, a musician, lives in a crawl space reached by a ladder (in Williamsburg, Brooklyn). He can stand at the entry, but after that the headroom decreases to about 5 feet. The good news is the rent is $450 a month.…"
Photo Alex Wroblewski/The New York Times
Story by Kim Velsey


Anonymous said...


Man, 68, living in tiny house on 1946 classic truck

John Burn's 110-sq.-ft., shingle-sided, truck-mounted shack is heated by a wood-burning stove

Anonymous said...

Lloyd, you heard of this fellow?

Dan Mawhinney


apparently 71, and lived off grid for forty yrs. Looks younger to me?

wonder what he is up to now, any idea?

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