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185-foot tall Tower Built by Anchorage Lawyer

"Anchorage attorney Phil Weidner calls his structure 'The Goose Creek Tower,' because it sits near the confluence of Goose Creek and the Big Susitna River. He got the idea for the tower almost two decades ago and started construction in the late-90s.
Weidner says he took a break from the project that lasted 15 years but is ready to start again. 'It’s meant to be a home, also an observatory,' Weidner said. 'I plan to eventually put a telescope in the top of it. Also, probably a ham radio station and call it Radio Free Goose Creek, and broadcast appropriate information to the world.'
The tower is 185 feet high with unfinished metal decks that wrap around almost every story. It’s natural wood and more than 60,000 pounds of steel. Weidner says the major construction is finished, including electrical and plumbing, but interior work is still needed. He figures it could be another three years before it’s completed…"
Story by Lauren Maxwell/Photojournalist John Thain
Great Vimeo recently posted: http://www.neatorama.com/2016/04/09/Welcome-To-Goose-Creek-Tower/
Sent us by Jon Kalish


Anonymous said...

I don't have a head for heights, but WOW.

Hope they made it earthquake proof (would think tough with this height)...I keep hearing on the news that Alaska has more earthquakes per year than anywhere in North America.

Peter Robinson said...

What an interesting building!

I wonder how you get a permit to build something like this. I cannot imagine our city hall issuing a permit, no matter how many engineers' sign-offs I had. I guess this was built outside city limits, so no permits were required.

Anonymous said...

Peter Robinson

I too was wondering about permits..Suspect, for whatever reason, none had. Maybe one does not need them there?

I have watched some "Buy Alaska" home shows, and the relator has mentioned in some of them "such and such area here does not require permits"..so....

maybe there is a locale good for Tiny Home Development...etc..

Anonymous said...

Brings to mind the legendary Goose Creek Symphony https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35coTFC8D8k


Anonymous said...

here's another fellow, built a boat treehouse, without a permit (yet knowing he needed one, as he is a contractor)..
and now is upset to be told.."tear it down"


it's beautiful, but.......

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