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Golden Valley, Minnesota Hereby Nominated for Oppressive/Despotic City Award of the Month

Article by Eric Boehm in Watchdog.Org Minnesota Bureau:
"Nanny State of the Week: Town inspection checks whether you cleaned your toilet
Local officials in a Minnesota town want to make sure their residents are keeping a tidy home.… Officials in one Minnesota town are willing to spend more taxpayer money on an appeal after they were told they can’t inspect rental properties without a good reason.
Two landlords in Golden Valley, Minnesota, who recently found themselves on the receiving end of inspections from city housing officials now find themselves dragged into court to defend their right to privacy. They say they were within their rights to block what the city calls a mandatory inspection of rental properties.
Even after one Minnesota judge ruled that Golden Valley can’t conduct inspections without a good reason, the city is spending more taxpayer money on an appeal.…"
Sent in by Anonymous


Anonymous said...

seen a few of these type of news stories in past couple yrs, and all I can say is wtf?

cannot imagine this.

bayrider said...

It's the old law of good intentions and the paved road to hell.

Ben said...

At risk of being the odd person out here...

I actually think random mandatory inspections are not a bad idea. Too many tenants keep their mouths shut for fear of angering their landlord and losing their home. A random inspection protects those tenants because the landlord cannot "blame" them for requesting an inspection.

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