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Multi-Story Used Wood Seaside Treehouse

Belgian designer Jean Paul Lespagnard built this tree house in collaboration with American artist Ethan Hayes-Chute at the Villa Noailles in Hyères, on the Mediterranean coast of France.
Photo by Ethan Hayes-Chute
Thanks to Peter Robinson and Peaspeculiars (see comments below)for tracking this down.


Peaspeculiars said...

Hey Lloyd, I hope you are well.

I love to read your Blog when I have chance, so wanted to help if I could. After much internet searching, I think the origin of the pallet Tree-house came from the combined minds of French artist Jean Paul Lespagnard and American artist Ethan Hayes-Chute. See below for Ethan's website in which the design is shown at the bottom of the page. http://inhabitat.com/ethan-hayes-chutes-quirky-wooden-shacks-are-a-delightful-hodgepodge-of-found-materials/

All the very best wishes to you and yours,
Anna x
aka Peas (Nottingham, UK)

Anonymous said...

Love it.

Peter Robinson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Peter Robinson said...

Researching a little further from where Peaspeculiars got to, I found the original photo at http://www.ethanhc.com/3d/048.htm. As Peaspeculiars says, Ethan Hayes-Chute holds the copyright to the photo. The house measures about 15ft x 17ft x 21ft and is called "(Tree) House of Hyères". Hyères is a town on the Mediterranean coast of France.

This website is full of strange, quirky stuff and well worth looking at.

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