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Great Article on Big Wave Rider Laird Hamilton

Check out the videos, especially the first one, at Teahupoo, gnarliest wave in the world, and the 3rd one where he shoots the pier on a big day at Malibu. Whew!
From Wonder Serra

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cool08 said...

Hellow Lloyd,
Just accidentally came across one of your videos on YT and was blown away by how incredible your homestead is, how incredibly resourcefull both you aand your partner are, and just how cool you both are!!! I then found my way to your blog and have to say I LOVE IT! I was hoping to get on your list for email updates on this blog, but couldn't seem to find a place to register. Is there such a place? If so, I would love to do so. My email is PKimbrell@sbcglobal.net and my name is Patricia Kimbrell.
Many thanks!

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