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Small Town (Oregon) Small Home Symmetry

Bilateral symmetry includes the landscaping. I would bet that the owner of this house is very orderly.


Anonymous said...

Lloyd, I would take your bet. I bet the owner is, inside, not so orderly at all. I bet the "outside" is to keep the neighbours off their back, etc..

Landscaping makes an attempt at symmetry, but look again, the "same" bushes/shrubs although effort is made to make them equal, are not. (okay I am nitpicking, but they are not ...grin).

I think this person has made a serious effort to have the landscaping / flowers symmetrical, but that it is a struggle for them, as they do not have the knack. By the time the person gets to the inside (unless it is a couple and someone else does the inside), they likely will have had enough of trying to make things "equal".

Peter Robinson said...

This is true.

There is also a grey garbage container and what appears to be a "Beware of the Dog" sign to the right of the house, but nothing like this to the left of the house. This person's attempt at symmetry has totally failed, so the inside of the house is likely to be chaotic.

Anonymous said...

now here is a genuine new use for a Tiny Home...



and if you all thought having a Tiny Home was restrictive of having company...according to the website...no problem.
"can accommodate dozens of guests with almost 400 square feet"

Anonymous said...

This City Is Defeating Homelessness With Tiny Homes


Anonymous said...

check this out Lloyd. if you check out the video, this fellow made a car, pretty cool, as well as rotating house.


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