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Tiny House, Tiny Boat All-in-one

"Too bad you're not working on a new book because this could be in it."
  Luke Griswold-Tergis
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New GIMME SHELTER Newsletter Posted

I send these out to about 600 people, many of whom never check my blog, every 2-3 months. If you do read the blog, much of this is not new.
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David Hockney's Photo Collages and Polaroid Composites

He's just a wonderful artist, bursting with creativity and wonder. He readily shares his techniques with others. He puts his collages together without getting everything to line up precisely, as is my tendency. Some of them are multi-dimensional because of this.
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Coastal Splendor/Shooting Photo Collages

Tide pools, coves, caves. Great idea for kayak trip from Pt. Arena lighthouse south the Pt. Arena pier -- gonna do sometime.
   Again, I'm frustrated by the narrowness of the screen. I'm going to print out 4x5's when I get home, mount on board (and bring to Louie). The first stitched-together series of stills I ever saw was on the wall of Robert Frank's home on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. Black and whites. Then I discovered the photo collages of David Hockney and bought his book Cameraworks. Such an eye-opener.
   I prefer to shoot with a 50mm or so lens setting, it's pretty much the way I see the world (as opposed to wider angled lenses, which distort things), then paste them together. (When shooting a building, I keep backing up and adjusting the zoom until it looks through the lens the way appears to my eye.)

Louie's Cabin in the Woods

Built on pilings because it's in a flood plain. One year the water came up to the 6th step

Can-Am Spyder 3-wheeler Motorcycle

Saw this yesterday in Pt. Arena. To Tell the truth when I see these caravans of elaborate and custom 3-wheelers (they often stop off in Pt. Reyes Station), I think, why not get a car?
  The design here is pretty snappy though. They seem to run from 15-24k$.

Traveling the World in 1982 Landcruiser With Tent on Top

"Lloyd, your work is truly inspired!! Just found out about the Tiny Homes on the Move book coming out and not sure if our story is of interest and whether you're all finished with it anyway, but check us out if you get a chance. We're travelling through the world in an 82 Toyota Landcruiser Troopy with tent on top, solar, sink and watersystem, etc...pretty simple, but just right for us in this period of our lives. Our photography is at www.wanderwith.me and on FB at https://www.facebook.com/thewanderlings - we can take photos of anything else and send of course also. An interview on the inspiration part of our journey: http://huckberry.com/blog/posts/wander-with-me and on the truck: upknorth.com/blog/wanderwithme-a-roadtrip-across-the-world-fj-45 ♥ Colby & Alita "

2-hour Walk Along Spectacular Coast

Louie and I just walked along the cliffs from the Pt. Arena lighthouse into Pt. Arena. A spectacular stretch, with coves, tide pools, caves, islands…

Ezra's Knee Guards

I thought he was a skateboarder, but the knee pads are for laying carpets.

Green Mendocino Hills

There are sheep strung all the way across this collage, but you can't seem them here. One of these days I'd like to do an exhibit of large panoramas.

Defiant New Zealand Houseboat Owner Says: "Life Will Go On Long After Money."

"Nelson's maverick houseboat builder is showing a philosophical bent, painting 'Life will go on long after money' on the outer wall of his condemned floating home.
   With just over a week remaining before the Nelson City Council says it will remove the ramshackle houseboat, owner Paul Jepson has moved it close to the Maitai River's outlet into the haven.
Today it was moored near Whakatu Drive, where motorists could catch a glimpse of his defiant proclamation…"
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Reggae In Mendo

Don't know why, but reggae sounds just right in Mendo…

Games People Play by Bob Andy on Grooveshark

Wind-swept Oak/Old Wooden Boat Along Hwy One Yesterday

Up the Coast Yesterday/Blog Changes Coming/Secluded Driftwood Beach

The drive to Pt. Arena is about 3 hours. Usually takes me about 4. This time, leaving in the afternoon, instead of (as usual) early morning, it took me 8 hours to get to Louie's. Did I have fun! I must have stopped, usually to shoot photos, 50 times…I'm thinking of changing the nature of this blog once we get THESHELTERBLOG up and running, maybe tie it in with Instagram, a photo+ caption a day. More like getting you to ride shotgun with me. For example:

Fire-resistant Building Methods

I told Rod (from Australia) I'd post this in case anyone knows of fire-resistant building techniques.
Dear Lloyd,
…I wonder if you could point my attention towards any particular places where innovative building technology  is available for public access.  In particular, my concern is towards establishing a demonstration project of methods of building bushfire resistant, low cost, sustainable houses in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney.
   It would be good to know of any similar projects in other places. Australia, like California and other places in the US, has a perennial problem with bushfires, and the possibility of building with stabilised earth and other high thermal mass materials seems to be worth demonstrating again. 

Clamming, Tiny Homes on the Move, New Camera, Trip Up Coast Today

I'm swamped with stuff to do lately -- all good -- not much time for blogging. Went clamming Friday via kayak. Got 8 horsenecks, 2 Washington clams, bunch of white cockels. Finally got my clam gun working. I like the idea of getting to the mudflats by human power. Clam cakes for dinner last night…On Friday I dropped off a copy of Tiny Homes On The Move at Kevin Kelly's house, and he wrote:
"I read it cover to cover tonight. What a joy. It's the most aspirational book you've done, making me say, I really should do *that.* Reading it is a lot of fun. Dwelling +Travel. What's not to covet?  Great job on the book. Def a cool tool."…Also on Friday I bought my dream camera at Keeble & Schuchat  in Palo Alto (my fave camera store in USA and that includes BH Photo in NYC) from my camera guru, Gary: Olympus OMD M1, with an ED 12-50mm (24-100 mm) zoom lens (built in macro)
(camera nuts see below*)…Heading 3 hours north along the coast right now to hang out for the week with my pal Louie — will be blogging re aventuras.
*I can use all the lenses (full set) from my Panasonic Lumix 4/3…NO shutter lag…Compact in much the same way the Olympus OM1 film camera was, maybe 1/3 smaller than the Canon and Nikon honkers…I could have saved about $100 at Amazon (out of $1800), but talking over all the options with a human expert is way worth it…

54-46 Was My Number by Toots & The Maytals on Grooveshark

Old North Carolina Farmhouse for Free! (You've Got To Move It.)

"Price: $0 (must be moved) Location: Grimesland, North Carolina, USA.
The History:…Around 1910, William (Faucette) built this grand farmhouse on the site of the original house, and he lived there with his wife and daughter, both named Louise. The house stayed in the family until 2011, when the owner of an adjacent property bought the estate for the land. He is now offering the house to anyone willing to move it. Shown: The 4,363-square-foot house has six bedrooms and two-and-a-half bathrooms. It retains original exterior details, such as Doric columns and the center gable's fish-scale shingles."
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