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House Built Around Trees in Guatemala

"Localizada en un terreno boscoso y de topografía montañosa y quebrada, CV integra la naturaleza siendo fiel al propósito de respetar el bosque e introducirlo a la arquitectura de la casa. El diseño se elaboró buscando ordenar los espacios alrededor de los árboles con el propósito de no derribarlos. La planta es libre en su mayoría y la casa está ordenada en desniveles. Ambas fachadas longitudinales son mayoritariamente en vidrio y buscan lograr permeabilidad hacia el exterior, intentando integrar al máximo la arquitectura interior con las bondades de la naturaleza circundante. Se utilizó el concreto expuesto enconfrado con maderas rústicas como elemento principal constructivo, generando texturas cuyo lenguaje dialogue con el bosque local."
Por Paz Arquitectura, clic aqui.

Goat Shed Built With Scrap Poles and Recycled Materials

"…When clearing an old overgrown pasture, thick with alder and cherry saplings, we were left with piles of round wood.  Instead of burning them in a slash pile or as firewood, we took the straightest logs and built a round-pole goat barn, and ultimately an addition on that barn.  No building text would ever recommend building with structural alder, but that goat barn still stands, ten years later, and it cost virtually nothing to build, save for the cost of screws, reclaimed siding, free recycled roofing, and old windows and doors.…"
From homestead-honey.com here.
A great site by and for homesteaders

"Years of Living Dangerously": James Cameron, Matt Damon, Harrison Ford in TV Climate Change Series

This just in:

"Lloyd, can you put this out there..

info and trailer plus episode 1 in full


Mike W"

Google search for this Showtime documentary here

Students in Georgia Working on Tiny Homes in Parking Spots

"I’ve previously taken a look at concepts that explore how parking garages can be harnessed to provide pint-sized housing in increasingly cramped cities. Now, a team of students and faculty from the Savannah College of Art and Design are transforming the starry-eyed notion of living where you park into a reality as part of a game-changing initiative that marries adaptive reuse with innovative tiny house building of the highest order.
    Due to officially launch this Wednesday atop a midcentury parking deck on SCAD’s satellite campus in Midtown Atlanta, the SCADPad project brought together more than 75 students from various academic departments in the collaborative creation of a trio of tricked-out prototype tiny houses. Each SCADPad unit is roughly the size of a single parking spot (135-square-feet) and each sports an array of sustainable features including greywater gardens, 3D-printed toilets, custom-designed furniture, and much more. It’s an apropos locale if there ever was one given the car-centric nature of Atlanta, a sprawling metropolis where many residents truly do live in their cars.…"
Click here.

Lee Fields "Still Hanging On"

Family of 4 in 350 Sq. Ft. House on Homestead in Missouri

"Four of us co-exist in a space that is just under 350 square feet, on our 10-acre homestead in Northeast Missouri. Moving onto raw land, we began construction on our home in late February 2013, and moved into an unfinished, but warm and insulated structure in late October. While we have dreams of someday building a timber framed straw bale home, the reality of our situation was that we needed an immediate dwelling. A tiny house fit our needs and our sensibilities.…"
Click here.
Sent us by David Wills

Around the Homestead Spring Early 2014

Other homestead stuff: Cracks in the Asphalt is an inspiring book that I recommend to people living in any city. It puts together a bunch of the thriving gardens in San Francisco; I didn't know there were so many and that they were so well developed: http://www.akpress.org/cracksintheasphalt.html…The new catalogue from the North House Folk School has just arrived with its listing of summer classes on building, wood carving, boat building, fiber arts, basketry, clothing, outdoor skills, etc. It's at a beautiful location on the shores of Lake Superior and would be a great place to send one's kids for acquiring skills that will be useful for a lifetime: www.NorthHouse.org…The new Lehman's catalog is also in, with its unparalleled mix of tools for people of our ilk; trust me, send away for the catalog at: https://www.lehmans.com/requestcatalog.aspx As they say: "Simple Products for a Simpler Life." Yeah!…

Chicken Coop In the Spring

I know I've said this before, but it's really paid off to build a tight, rat-and other critter-proof chicken coop plus yard. Billy Cummings did the honors here: concrete floor for their nesting room and feed room, aviary wire on the sides and top of the yard; wire down into the ground a foot or so at bottom edges of yard for digging critters like skunks or raccoons. The yard works so well we don't even bother closing the little door to their nesting room at night. I probably built five funky chicken coops over the years before this one.
   The bantam hens work really well for us; the Golden Seabrights are not only (in my opinion) the most beautiful of chickens, inquisitive, perky, and friendly, but they lay surprisingly well. Once you have your own fresh eggs, you can't go back to store-bought.
  The sod roof is doing well after the late rains.

Shame on You

Shame Shame Shame by Shirley & Company on Grooveshark

Small Art Studio Covered in Mosaics

"Dear Lloyd,

My husband and I have been devoted followers of his blog and books for years. We opened Freedonia Mercantile & Design in 2009, partly due to your inspiration. I just thought this might be of some interest. We use reclaimed materials when possible and specialize in ferrocement and mosaic work. We live with our son in a 1920's 700sqft bungalow in Atlanta, Georgia. We hope you enjoy this recent client project of ours. This is a 10x10 art studio. For more pics and information go to www.vivefreedonia.com (a constant project to update/ improve website, so check back often.) Thank you for all you inspiration over the years!
Sloane Robinson Cheatham"
Click here.

10'×16' Pond House For Sale in Vermont $5,500

"Limited Time Only: 10×16 Pond House including free shipping to continental USA and parts of Canada…"
From Tiny House Listings, click here.

Photo Portfolio Pepe Alvarez

Pepe Alvarez just put up a portfolio of his photos. I just went through the entire batch. They're quite wonderful. Such a variety and they all hit home with me.

Beth Hart - A Change is Gonna Come

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post St. Paul & the Broken Bones:
Very good version of the Sam Cooke classic but I still think this is the best:

And: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fALdOkf_eCM

Fox Hunting Mice Under Powder Snow

From Anonymous:
Video of Fox hunting Mice under Three Feet of Snow
He uses Magnetic North to Hunt under Snow..."

Pietro Belluschi tiny house: Famous architect and son design teahouses in Portland

"Architect Pietro Belluschi was internationally celebrated during his lifetime for designing skyscrapers, churches with steeples that pierced the clouds and glass-walled homes perched on top of hills. Few people know, however, that the man who shaped Portland’s towering skyline outfitted a tiny teahouse in the backyard of his last residence..."
Click here.

Photography: The New Olympus OMD Cameras

I've started using my Lumix 1.7 ASPH 20mm (old designation 40mm) lens on my Panasonic Lumix G1. First time I've used a fixed lens in years and it's fun to be moving myself back and forth, rather than zooming. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get an Olympus OMD body; for one thing I believe I can use all my Lumix 4/3 lenses on it, and it seems like a breakthrough camera.

Homemade Sourdough Bread

Fun At Beach Yesterday

Looks like a huge wave, right? Well, the wave's about 18" high and that's a remote controlled mini surfer, about 6" high. These things zoom all over the place, do flips, always land right side up. Below looks like tribute to Rainier Ale, we used to call it "green death."

Ugandan Kids Dancing in Street

A California Couple Built This Portable Tiny House For $30,000

"Last year, 31-year-old Alek Lisefski was inspired to try to live a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle. So the Web designer built a tiny house for himself, his girlfriend Anjali, and their dog, Anya, on an 8-by-12-foot flatbed trailer..."
Click here.

No Men Allowed! Women Build Own Backyard Sheds

Caroline Counsell, 42, is a sales assistant who lives in Redhill, Surrey, with husband Darren, 45, a mechanic, and their two sons.
"The shed is my escape from a house in which I am outnumbered by men.
I love arts and crafts, so I spend hours with scraps of fabric and ribbon, making cards and bunting for friends and family as gifts.
It’s 8ft by 10ft and is filled with colourful containers and piled with knick-knacks. I have a desk, chair and computer — and I painted fluffy white clouds on the ceiling.
Though the shed is my corner of girliness, there is one male who is allowed over the threshold, though — my Jack Russell, Mylo!…"
Photo by Martin Spaven
Click here for other women's sheds.

St. Paul & the Broken Bones

This one is giving me chills right now. After this finished I played the same song by Otis on a CD. Oh my!
From Lew Lewandowski

Barn Home in Greenwich, Connecticut

"This huge, sawn-timber hay barn was originally built circa 1870. The flooring, ceiling and exterior siding are vintage reclaimed barn boards. The restored barn is now a guest house, garage and wine cellar for a residential estate in southwestern Connecticut."
Click here for a bunch of photos.

Santa Cruz Surfer and Secret Perfect Wave in Germany

"Hi Lloyd!
Check this:
B regards,
"Once a day, just outside of Berlin, a giant ship passes by a small harbor, creating what some would call a perfect wave. Yet this unusual German point break is endangered, as the ship that’s been producing the wave is getting old, and will soon be replaced. With no known documentation of this wave being surfed, local Berliner, artist, and filmmaker, Ira Mowen (originally from Santa Cruz, California), has set out on a seemingly endless quest through the depths of German winter to ride this rare man-made wave into the annals of surf history before it is gone forever.…"

Barn Timber Frames Available