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Rainy Night in Canada

I pulled into Courtenay,
Was raining and getting dark…
Friday night on my book trip to Vancouver Island.
Went to Serious Coffee for caffeine, wi-fi, town orientation. It's good to get away from SF/LA/NYC etc. sophisticated areas. Courtenay's a pretty real town. Real people. Refreshing. Got nice motel room, started looking for music venues…Whistlestop Pub…well, yeah-uh. I lucked out. Big place, multi-levels. sat at bar, great beer, great food…what type music they gonna play, I asked bartender. "Sorta rockish…"
Lead guitar player probably 60 y.o., other guys young. They did covers -- Dylan, Credence, some better than others. Then they did the Beatles' If I Fell In Love, the drummer singing John's lines, and it was stunning. I don't know if the band even knew what was happening, but they were channeling this great song from 50 (!) years ago; it was perfect…


Powell River Books said...

You aren't far away, just a ferry ride from Courtney to Powell River. If you ever come over our way let me know. - Margy (Powell Lake Float Cabin in Tiny Homes book)

Anonymous said...

ran across this, and thought of you saying you were going to expand into making money on youtube. might have some ideas..


Anonymous said...

Lloyd, sent you this link, as thought maybe you could do something similar to this fellow......You tell us about a lot of the things you do around your homestead, also, maybe you could follow similar pattern on this fellow, on "how to publish a small homes book", etc...


developing his own apps for the iPhone including seven how-two apps

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and this paragraph, here...my goodness, you are always "educating" us about something..
His inspiration: “I was reading the Tim Ferris book, The Four-Hour Work Week,” he recalls. “Ferris was talking about how the best business you can be in is the education business.”

etc etc, if you read the article.

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