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My Kinda Skateboard Park

In Victoria, BC. It's the only one I've seen that I feel I could skate, but never have have a board when there. Anyone know of ones like this in NorCal?


Anonymous said...

Monterey has one next to Dennis the Menace Park, which you'd also enjoy. Skate park is smaller but looks similar. Haven't seen them but there are also parks in Marina and supposedly a good one down in Gonzales or Greenfield

upriver said...

Not what you asked, but Port Townsend, WA has a nice gentle one, which is often empty (a big plus in my book). There is another in Waldport, OR if you are cruising up and down the coast.

Popville said...

Lake Cunningham in East San Jose hosts the largest skateboard park in California. I've seen it but don't skateboard. It appears to offer stuff for all skill sets. Info here: http://www.sanjoseca.gov/Facilities/Facility/Details/355

carjack said...

What part of NorCal are you in? If you just want a flowing park that's fun to carve around and not too high impact, maybe check out Greer park in Palo Alto, Derby park in Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa or Petaluma skateparks. In SF, you might like Potrero del Sol or the new street plaza on Duboce under the 101. There are a ton of parks around, check out the skatepark directory on concretedisciples.com and see what's near you.

Lloyd Kahn said...

Thank you guys for the feedback. I'm going to check out 2 parks in SF and also ones in Santa Cruz, Alameda, and Petaluma.

BHS_Builder said...

Every time I see skateparks I feel young :)

tuskedbeast said...

Derby Park in SC is like a drainage ditch situation, small, with semi-abrupt, not very flowing transitions; not like the one that inspired you, but worth your own appraisal.

Anonymous said...

new skateboard for you to try, Lloyd.


Anonymous said...

Nice Skateboard Story


Anonymous said...

More on the above link re Patti McGee



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