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A Magic Vancouver Morning

It's a glittering Sunday morning in Vancouver. I SO lucked out in the hotel department. The 901 Beach Hotel, I found on internet, sounded good, turned out to be a few hundred yards from the water in this section of Vancouver (West End, Yaletown, Gastown) that is almost an island; 90% of the perimeter of this area water-surrounded. Totally kayakable (and SUP-able).
Yesterday afternoon I took a ferry across to Granville Island, a thriving public market, 100s of vendors, great food, fruit, nuts, wine, oysters, crabs, smoked salmon, craft beers, art, music, restaurants,food stalls, outdoor wear, kayaks -- crowded, lots of tourists, yes, but vital and fun nonetheless. Going back with grown-up camera today.

PLUS a block away is The Tartine Bakery, with as-good-as-it-gets lattes, muffins, bread, and wi-fi.
I had dinner last night with my friend Vic Marks at his farm a half hour south of V. Turns out he's a car nut: 1939 Studebaker pickup truck, possibly the most beautiful p/up truck I've ever seen. A sleek low black Jaguar. A purple 1930s Cord (810/812),  forchrissake's -- immaculate, I couldn't believe I was seeing a Cord in person. Will put up pics when I get chance -- you car nuts are gonna love these vehicles.
PLUS let's hear it for Ploom stealth!


Anonymous said...

Next time check out the Sylvia Hotel. Classic.

QUAIL333 said...

If you can believe it those beers in Gastown cost 10 cents apiece the first time I was there in 1971... and a round for all my friends!

Island Woman MJ said...

Love that #5 photo of the boat, would love to know more. Of course, the food and libations sound almost as enticing.

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