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TINY HOMES ON THE MOVE Slideshow Tonight Mendocino, Tomorrow Night, Arcata

I'm on the road this week:
Tonight: Gallery Bookshop, 319 Kasten St., Mendocino, Calif
Tomorrow night: Northtown Books, 957 H. St., Arcata, Calif.
I've got the slide show down now, by the 4th one it was going smoothly.
Will also be signing books.
Jeez, I feel like Bill Maher at the end of his show: "This Saturday I'll be at the Town Hall in Duluth…"


fowlgallery said...

I'm from Arcata---wish I could be there!!!! But we are out road tripping across the country in our tiny teardrop trailer home! Hope you visit again sometime, thanks for being such an inspiration in my life!! http://coastdogs.tumblr.com/

QUAIL333 said...

Why can not someone record Lloyd and put that and the slides up on you tube?

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