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The Shelter Blog (theshelterblog.com) is Alive!

Rick Gordon has built it and we've been tinkering with it for a few months, and finally it feels ready to go. Whereas my blog is all over the place, The Shelter Blog will focus on homes, building, carpentry, gardening, farming, foraging, fishing, homesteading and the home arts. Check it out here:

Note: it's theshelterblog.com, not shelterblog.com. You need the article the.

I'm really excited by this. It's as important — maybe in the long run more so — than one of our books. We have no competition here, since we have feedback from our 40 years publishing books on the subject of shelter. Plus we can share brand-new incoming photos and stories rather than wait years to get same into a book. It'll be complimentary to our books.

We guarantee at least one new post per day, hope to get multiple posts daily as we get rolling.


Kentucky Shark said...


PhilM said...

Lloyd -

The new blog is really great, and I get the ideas behind it now. I have grown to enjoy your personal blog so much over the years that I was change resistant, but no more. Really cool to see Evan's contributions and input.
More Shelter Please!


Kentucky Shark said...

And yes, still glad you will be keeping your personal blog as well!

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