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Off For 3-Day Weekend…

 Took off early Friday morning/driving along the coast, The Hives punkin it up with "Go Right Ahead" on radio:
"Our god is a sinner, our king is a con
The room’s about to crumble as I burst into song…"
…Then The Dave Clark Five in a surprising rocker, "Wild Weekend," part of great selection by British DJ Michael Des Barres' rock n roll program on Little Steve's Underground Garage on Sirius Radio…the new span on the Bay Bridge is such a disaster, a horse's ass of a design; the towers look like bad special effects (compare to Golden Gate Bridge towers)…The western span of the Bay Bridge (the old one, at left) is elegant by comparison…
Graffiti at Ocean Beach, San Francisco
On my way to The Maker Faire in San Mateo…

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bayrider said...

I was a young man when the old bridge went down on my 35th birthday in 1989. This coming Oct 17th I will be 60! The process of replacing it has been a fiasco of monumental proportions in every category, timeliness, financial cost and seismic functionality. It seems this new span may be less sound than the old one! The latest failure in the news just yesterday:


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