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Robin on Lawn in Monroe Yesterday

There were a bunch of these hopping around on a lawn yesterday pulling worms out of holes. I love the eye decoration. He seemed to know I was there, hopped around, posing…I've started focussing manually instead of relying on autofocus. Takes longer, but pics are sharper.


Dave Brock said...

Looks to be a robin. Lots and lots of them here in good ole North Carolina, even though the cardinal is our state bird.

depatty said...

Looks to be an American Robin http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Robin which is a member of the Thrush family.


William Flint said...

Thats an American Robin, very common here in Utah, is this the first time you've seen them in your area?

El Gaucho said...

I can't wait to start seeing robins hopping around on the lawn here in North Dakota. It would mean that this long winter is finally over.

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