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Tiny Homes on the Move News

We are coming to the end of a long haul, a year or more. We've been putting the book together two pages at a time, and a week ago we started printing it out. Boy, is it exciting! To see it in full size color after all this time. Lookin good!
The subtitle is: "Wheels and Water."
Wheels: Vans, pickup trucks with camper shells, house trucks, school buses, trailers, and cycles
Water: Sail boats, houseboats, and tug boats
There are some 90 nomadic homes here; about half of these are lived in full-time, and the other half are used part time or for trips of varying length upon life's highways and waterways.
We've put together five prototypes for a cover, which are in the above post. What do you think?


Rachel T. said...

SO excited to see this!!! It looks great!

Kevin said...

Love it. I especially like the junk-rigged sailboat that appears in the top cover.

bev @ Distinctive Staging Plus said...

We vote for cover number 4....broad selection of homes that capture the spirit of adventure on the road.

Beth said...

AMAZING!! can't wait to read it.

Boggling said...


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