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Salvaged tiny home studio: tin can siding, paper bag wallpaper

Another great video on tiny homes from Fair Companies:


kara rane said...

the tin can siding design is perfect! & really great outdoor yoga platform! so interesting to hear about their experience of a big house vs. a tiny home.

Anonymous said...

nice one.

the folks who create/design/build these type of homes are not just frugal. I consider them very smart...Seems to me anyone could build a house/home given unlimited funds. To build one (and build it very well/creatively/sturdy/interesting), is genius.

windpowerjohn said...

sparkling creativity
top to bottom
inside and out

Anonymous said...

tiny house

Dan Radice said...

There is a great lesson(s) to be learned here. Thank you Mr. Kahn for this post. I am a fan of your work.


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