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Building With Logs - 1957 USDA Government Pamphlet

Great pamphlet, good drawings and photos, plus some really nice furniture designs. You can scout around on this website for other vintage publications.


Gretchen said...

Lloyd, have you seen this?

Valerei Gentzel said...

This is wonderful. My boyfriend Dylan Friedman speals highly of you. He met you in San Francisco years ago, and told you his favorite books since at 4 was your "Shelter" Architectural design and "Winnie The Pooh" it led him to become a very skilled and talented designer, as well. A few years back, you published him in your article. I beluuieve it was the highlight of his life, as he still speaks of it. My pleasure meeting your acquaintance Lloyd Kahn. ~Valerie Gentzel (Vanderbilt)

Anonymous said...

I just found an original copy of the above pamphlet. Does it have any value to anyone?

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