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Seaweed +Immersion at Beach / Dave McKenna on Radio

Went on long beach walk, collected this nice mass of nutrients for compost pile. I love to combine walking with bringing something home -- driftwood, mussels, clams, mushrooms, cattail pollen, Today was windy, glary at ocean, but I found a sort of protected cove with a shallow pool, and immersed. Hoo -- cold! But as soon as I was out, the chi was mos def higher.
   In the car, heard Terry Gross replay of interview with pianist Dave McKenna. In the studio, he played Thanks For the Memories, it was beautiful. Could not locate it on GrooveShark, but here is another by him, below.

Dave McKenna / Dream A Little Dream of Me

Dream a Little Dream of Me by Dave McKenna on Grooveshark

Are You Lonesome Tonight? / Elvis Presley

Are You Lonesome Tonight by Elvis Presley on Grooveshark

Landfill Harmonic - Kids' Orchestra of Instruments Made From Garbage in Paraguay

Sent us by Mike Whitehead, who discovered it today on this great blog:
Note: Keith Levy, the blogmeister here, was featured in Tiny Homes (pp. 170-71) with the Flying Tortoise, his 1977 Bedford truck converted to an elegant rolling home in New Zealand.

Fortrait #4 "Subterranean Breakfast Nook"

Sent us by Gerald Young

Playboy / Marvelettes

Playboy by The Marvelettes on Grooveshark

Stand By Your Man / Lyle Lovett

Stand by Your Man by Lyle Lovett on Grooveshark

Memphis Sound at White House

Fabulous music at the White House. The president and first lady look so good!

Temporary Housing for Displaced Fukushima Residents

Hey Lloyd,
My wife put me on to this temporary housing effort for displaced Fukushima residents in Japan.
   70 carpenters worked on the project, building 3 structures a day. Everything was made from natural local materials. The goal was to have a whole building to recycle when temporary housing isn't needed anymore.
   PDF: here.
   YouTube: here.
   The PDF has the best photos, but the YouTube video shows a house in progress. If your Japanese is rusty, the last part of the video is contrasting the wood structures with other less inviting 'conventional' options for relief housing.
   Japanese stick-framing is sort of a hybrid timber frame approach. Try to spot the skarf-joints in the headers and dado settings in the floor trusses. Gotta love these guys...
   Marshall (Thompson)

Want to Pass Out Some Mini Books?

We just did our 4th printing of these 2" X 2-1/2" mini Tiny Homes books (32 pages); now over 20,000 in print. If you would like a bunch to give away (children love them), we'll send you a batch (say 10, 20, or 30). Send yr. address, # of mini books you want, to tinyhomes@shelterpub.com, and we'll ship to you. The very best type of advertising for Tiny Homes, which has now sold over 40,000 real size (9" X 12") copies. We hope for them be given out to kids, plus people who will spread the word.

Tiny House With Curved Roof in Taiwan

Island Woman did some internet sleuthing, and found out that this is located in Taiwan. (See the 2nd comment, below.)
 Click here.

Hawk House

"Small cabana with green roof clad in redwood bark from a local Mill. Designed by Alex Wyndham."
Click here.

Bob Marley / Don't Rock My Boat

Don´t Rock My Boat by Bob Marley on Grooveshark

Michelle Converts Garage to 250 Sq. Ft. Home

"Michelle de la Vega took it upon herself to make an old and neglected garage into a home of her own. It’s not a very large garage, but the 250 square feet that she’s made her own is truly a work of art. There’s not a whole lot to it, but it’s cozy, creative and personalized.     Though there isn’t a standard “bedroom,” the garage-turned-home does now come equipped with a small sleeping loft in the pitched part of the roof. All of Vega’s furniture are pieces that have been found, re-finished and used in such a way that things become repurposed (old lockers, for instance)."
Click here.


"…What was once a master suite of an apartment in the Montparnasse neighborhood is now a 130 square foot micro apartment that houses all of the necessities. There’s even an extremely creative way to house the mattress-slash-sofa. The bed doubles as seating space for lounging and entertaining, which rolls away discreetly underneath a set of steps on the floor. The Magis One stools add some much needed contemporary pizazz to the inner environment, while the storage really looks like art and functions just perfectly…"
Click here.
From Evan Kahn

Home for $1100 in 1916 Sears Roebuck Catalog

Made in America
Update: As pointed out in comment by Anonymous, this was only for plans + materials. You still had to build house.
From Jim Macey

Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu/Lloyd Price

Rocking Pneumonia & The Boogie Woogie Flu by Huey “Piano” Smith & The Clowns on Grooveshark

Mini Bikers

I walked down to the beach Friday afternoon, and these two little guys were racing around on their tiny bikes. They were really hitting it, pumping madly (a la scooter pumping -- no pedals), careening back and forth as they barreled like mini BMX racers. Having such fun. Made me think of the title of one of George Greenough's films, "The Innermost Limits of Pure Fun."

They were twins, 4 years old, one named Harry, and I told their dad, shown here, that they were going to be killer mountain bike riders.

Then I gave them 2 mini copies of Tiny Homes, and they zeroed in. Boy, if we can catch the attention of 4 year olds, we're doing something right.

Hunt, Gather, Cook

Over the years I've looked at a number of books on hunting, fishing, and foraging, but this turns out to be my favorite. The first sentence: "We live in an edible world."
   There is good info on things like aging game birds, gutting and skinning a deer, even how to get started hunting. Netting herring -- an annual ritual in NorCal. For the boatless, it can be practiced from shore with a cast net, 5-gallon bucket, and hip boots). Clams, rock crabs, rock fish. How to kill eels with salt (almost impossible otherwise), manzanita cider, madrone bark tea. Making sausage from wild boar, eating squirrels, (there's a bluegrass song, "Why Would Anyone Eat Beef When They Can Have squirrel?," and recipes for everything.
   Along these lines -- for those living in the San Francisco Bay Area -- Kirk Lombard takes people out fishing, foraging, and seaweed collecting and teaches you how to smoke salmon and prepare what is caught or gathered. http://www.seaforager.com/. There's a post here on why the 2013 salmon season in the Bay Area looks to be bountiful, for the first time in 5 years.

30+ acres, Old House Near Tucson $125K

"33.35 acres, remote, private, yet only 25 minutes drive to Tucson, AZ. Located SW of Tucson, adjoining Coyote Mtn. Wilderness, just east of Kitt’s Peak. End of the road property with great view of miles, can see anyone coming. End of the power pole run, 3000 gallon water tank with well. Old house needs remodeling but is full of lovely woodwork. $125,000 cash, or if tiny house building minded individual(s) want to partner with me, let’s talk. …" Click here.

North House Folk School

If only I didn't live so far away from The North House Folk School, I'd be hanging around there a lot. The number of classes they have is amazing. Birchbark canoes, blacksmithing, tool making, timber framing, fiber arts, on and on. I'm just looking at one page, and I'd take the class on making a crooked knife, and another on sharpening. They are in the northwest corner of Minnesota, on Lake Superior, up Highway 61 (yes, that same Highway 61 -- "…7th mother, 7th son…") from Duluth.
   Get their catalog if you like making things with your hands (or if you have kids who want to learn some hand-made skills): http://www.northhouse.org/