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Jus Mus'in A-Cruisin

Just ran across this while looking at shanty boats on YouTube. Don't know who band is, but I sure like 'em.

Our Bantam Chicken Flock

Golden Seabright and two Silver Seabright bantams, our little beauties. Getting about a dozen eggs a day now. Both bantam chickens and their eggs are about half-size of full size chickens.

Eelgrass Insulation

Just got this from Germany. I don't know about fire or vermin hazard, but it looks like it was used extensively at one time.
"An insulating material consisting of dried eelgrass held between layers of cloth or paper; once used as thermal insulation, now little used. Read more: http://www.answers.com/topic/cabot-s-quilt-1
dear mr. kahn, we love your books, they are great inspiration for us. we want to ask you: have you ever experienced insulating houses with eelgrass? we are great fans of eelgrass, it is possible to collect it from the coasts almost all over the world. in danmark and in some other countries there are roofs thatched with eelgrass/seagrass, they protect the houses for several centuries.

Deek Diedrickson's Favorite Tiny Homes Books

Barbecue Beef and Coconut Milk in the Street and a Log Cabin Made of Earth and Wood

Just ran across this post the other day when I did a search on my blog for "log cabins." I feel like the most vital posts I do are when I'm out on the road. I love shooting photos, then posting from an internet cafe. Fun! This was during a 6-week trip to Costa Rica and Panama a few years ago.


Here are a bunch of other posts from the trip:


Latest GIMME SHELTER Newsletter

I send out one of these email newsletters every few months to about 750 people. Here's the latest:

Mentawai Islands Surf Retreat

"I just returned home to Vancouver Island, from the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia. I was visiting friends who have created an incredible retreat in an island paradise setting. I took John a copy of Builders of the Pacific Coast, I've been trying to lure him to Canada for 15+ years, and that book is packed with his people, builders just like him. Now I'd like to introduce you to John Ocean's work, I'm sure you folks will appreciate it.
Mieke Dusseldorp
Check out what you could call home at this island paradise surf retreat in the Mentawai Islands, west of Sumatra, Indonesia. Mentawai Islands Surf - Togat Nusa Retreat/Built by John Ocean. http://www.mentawaiislandssurf.com"

Growth Predicted in Home Renovations

New York Times, By Lisa Provost  January 31, 2013
"Homeowners who have been holding off on home improvements, be it a new kitchen or replacement siding, are more likely to call in the contractors in the year ahead.
   A report from Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies predicts accelerating, double-digit growth in home improvement spending through at least the third quarter of 2013.…"

Climate Change/Global Warming

New Yorker Letters to Editor, February 4, 2013
"Eric Klinenberg, in his article on how New York City might cope with intensifying climate change, makes the valuable point that improving physical infrastructure—burying electrical lines and erecting sea walls, for example—is necessary but insufficient…. Robust social infrastructure and tightly knit communities are also vital. My interviews with scores of government officials, planners, scientists, and activists in various countries suggest that the most important elements of social infrastructure are the political, cultural, economic, and civil beliefs and practices that shape the way that societies address public issues.

Project Home Again in New Orleans

Brian has left a new comment on your post "Brad Pitt Houses in New Orleans' 9th Ward":
Brad Pitt gets more press because of his celebrity, but Leonard Riggio, founder of Barnes & Noble Books has already built 101 energy-efficient homes in the Gentilly area of New Orleans with plans to build 100 more. The style of these homes blend in with the surrounding neighborhood.

Artistic Tiny Home in France

By French carpenter Menthé: http://menthedesbois.blogspot.fr/ Check out his other tiny building, as well as some nice stairs on this website.

Mark Frauenfelder Joins CoolTools

I've mentioned many times how the CoolTools blog has been so invaluable to me. It contains reader-written reviews of any number of tools. It's almost embarrassing how many things I've learned about and purchased as a result of CT. For me, it's the electronic Whole Earth Catalog.
  It was started by Kevin Kelly, former Whole Earth Review magazine editor, and one of the founding fathers of Wired magazine. Today it was announced that Mark Frauenfelder, founder of Boing Boing (my other favorite blog) and editor-in-chief of Make magazine, is partnering with Kevin; he'll be editor-in-chief of CoolTools and is working with Kevin on a paper book on the best of CoolTools. This is a killer duo.
  Check out:
  -Mark's announcement on Boing Boing here
  -Kevin's announcement on CoolTools here
  -The tools on CoolTools here

Hand Hewn Historic Cabin in Yellowstone - $37K

"…The exterior of the original cabin has been left untouched in order to preserve the history and natural backcountry wilderness appearance.The interior hand hewn log siding adds to the history of this cabin. Heating with the wood stove is so classical as well as efficient.Incorporating the Off Grid solar system didn’t intrude on the charisma. Cabin must be moved." http://tinyhouselistings.com/hand-hewn-historic-cabin/