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Tiny Homes For Oil Field Workers

"My name is Stew MacInnes, founder and CEO of Maximus Extreme Living Solutions. My company builds self-contained living units. Self-contained living units (as we see them) are tiny homes that are permanently affixed to a mobile steel platform and are designed to have the hell kicked out of them time and time again and keep coming back for more!
   In all seriousness, we originally designed our homes to withstand the extreme rigors that are associated with the exploration and extraction of domestic energy. We designed our homes to withstand the weather conditions and terrain of the oil fields located in Alaska and North Dakota. We figured that if our homes could handle those conditions, then they could withstand a weekend jaunt to Yosemite.…"

"Yes You Can Build Your Own Tiny House"

"By the end of this year, I will have moved five times. With each move, I’ve left behind furniture I painstakingly collected, books I promised myself I’d read, and kitchen utensils too grody to justify hauling around the country one more time. Every so often, I fantasize about my life in an alternative universe—a universe in which I don’t have the urge to buy the full DVD set of The Wire or a second cover for my Kindle, and instead live with only the bare necessities in a yurt on a picturesque hill in Sweden. You know the lifestyle I’m talking about—you’ve seen the Pinterest boards. The tiny house movement, as it is often called, has plenty of drooling fans on the sidelines, but who actually lives that way? Who is gutsy (or crazy) enough to give up their carefully selected apartments, their kitchens, and their personal space to live in what boils down to a grown-up treehouse?…" http://shltr.net/yestiny

Simple Rocket Stove

Posted by Keith Levy, whose brilliant home on wheels (The Flying Tortoise) is featured in Builders of the Pacific Coast, link sent us by Mike W: http://bit.ly/W69BkS

Menthé's Cabin in France

Yogan is a skillful and prolific French carpenter whose treehouse was in Tiny Homes (pp. 154-55). Isn't this a beauty?

hi lloyd! i want to you see our new cabine, the house of Menthé:
wheels and water is finish? when you come in france?

Cat plays shell game

From Boing Boing

Chinese Tiny Home on Bike

"Beijing’s People’s Architecture Office (PAO) and People’s Industrial Design Office (PIDO) have designed and built a mobile home so small that it can be folded up, accordion-style, and carted around on the back of a tricycle.…"


great tiny homes article on bankrate last week

here i sit propped up in bed, an ice machine hooked up to my shoulder, macair and iPhone 5 at hand, (such a modern guy!), typing with one finger/no caps. (making less mistakes.)  i had rotator cuff surgery yesterday, something i've put off for years because of the long recovery period, but all the years of propelling self through world, shoulder strain of paddling surfboards, kayaks, and the inevitable falls from running, biking, skateboarding -- and rotator cuff tear needed fixing.
i feel so great now that it's done, and i'm day one into the 6-week/3-month markers, and full strength at 6 months. grrrr!
   it's really a great time for shelter right now. the tiny homes book just took another jump. 40,000+ copies in one year
   v. interesting article in bankrate, the big financial services website, last week. writer sonya stinson wrote a well-balanced article on tiny homes here, focusing on the practical, rather than the bohemian/artistic domiciles. i got quoted accurately, for once:
"Kahn says the current tiny-homes movement, spurred partly by the downturn in the economy, is a bit of a throwback to the late '60s and early '70s.… It's an idea that's been around, but all of a sudden a lot of people are thinking in terms of getting smaller rather than larger," says Kahn."
   "(He) has noticed a growing interest among boomers in building small accessory dwelling units to accommodate aging parents.…Portland, Ore., and Santa Cruz, Calif., have ordinances that make it easier for people to build these additional units in their backyards," he says.…
  what's interesting is that sonya has made a case, with examples, of a mainstream approach for smaller homes. not everyone wants a tiny home, but the concept of small-er is a very powerful idea in these difficult (and scarce) times.
Photo: (c)johny87-fotolia.com   
music du jour, and i'm sure i've mentioned it a few times, sam cooke's masterpiece "live at harlem square" playing on grooveshark right now. "…that's not all sam will do for you."
   spring is gonna be a powerhouse this year…

Sculpture made from typewriter parts

From Boing Boing:

48 YouTube Videos on Tiny Homes


This is quite a collection, many on shipping containers converted into tiny homes.

Shipping Container Tiny Home in California

Fair Companies has ton of great videos on tiny homes: http://faircompanies.com/ Here is just one:

Bill Niman's Turkey Farm

Bill Niman, who started the high quality Niman Ranch, with humanely raised, non chemicalized beef, now runs a turkey operation. He has about 300 turkeys that he uses for egg production. Once hatched, the turkeys are raised near Turlock, California, and I'll bet they're about the best turkeys you can find (haven't tried one yet).