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"Now This Is Natural Food" by Mark Bitman, NY Times

"A few weeks ago at the annual Prairie Festival in Salina, Kan. — a celebration, essentially, of true sustainability — I sat down with Wes Jackson to drink rich beer and eat delicious, chewy bread made from the perennial grain Kernza. The Kernza we ate was cultivated at the Land Institute, the festival’s sponsor and the organization Jackson founded here 37 years ago.
   At 77, Jackson is a big man with big ideas. Clearly he was back then as well, when he became determined to change the face of agriculture from being dependent upon annual monoculture (that is, planting a new crop of a single plant each year) to one that includes perennial polyculture, with fields containing varieties of mutually complementary species, planted once, harvested seasonally but remaining in place for years.…
   In an essay he published 26 years ago, called “The Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race,” Jared Diamond theorized that this was essentially our downfall: by losing our hunter-gatherer roots and becoming dependent on agriculture, we made it possible for the human population to expand but paid the price in the often malnourishing, environmentally damaging system we have today.…

Perennials put more energy into their roots and less into flowers and seeds and greens, they send reserve energy into storage to wake up in the spring and they seldom die.…
   Perennials put more energy into their roots and less into flowers and seeds and greens, they send reserve energy into storage to wake up in the spring and they seldom die.…
   If Jackson’s followers are successful, we could see prairies producing different kinds of foods in commercial quantities with little or no chemical applications, irrigation, annual reseeding, tillage or tending; the work would be maintenance and harvesting. Creating the right plants for these habitats will take time, so much that we may not see the benefits in our lifetimes but, as Jackson says, “If you think you’re going to complete your life’s vision in your lifetime, you’re not thinking big enough.”
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Howard Taylor Taylor said...

This is God's food.The way of the world.Not corporate Monsanto. GMO is the fallen food that Satin wants to feed the World.
This is our heaven.The more we screw it up the more Saitin wins.

Anonymous said...

Right On Howard Taylor Taylor!


Anonymous said...

seems remarkably sensible.

too bad there is so little common sense these days.

sad too, that so many with the advanced degrees, no doubt book smart folks, who are often either making these decisions, or advising gov't to make these decisions, have absolutely no background in actual farming/agriculture/even gardening.

some of those folks grow stuff in plant labs, and many of them do not even "raise" those plants, but hired help does.

personally, I believe farming/living in the real world is a heap of difference, in many ways, from raising plants in a closed lab type situation.

Anonymous said...

Right on on, Howard Taylor Taylor.

By the way, "satan" is the Hebrew word for "adversary."

According to the Torah, it refers to anything rooted in the realm of evil that we must stand up to and defeat (as that's evil's entire reason for existing).

And what is "evil"? Evil is anything that goes against God's will.

What is "God's will"? Peace, health, success, learning, loving, accomplishment . . . life!

And know this, everybody . . . evil today most often "dresses up" in the guise of good to try to trick us, like GMO.

Don't get tricked!

Anonymous said...

How can it be sustainable if nutrients are removed?
Unless all/most waste products are returned there will be a deficit - the question is only how soon.

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