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Zen forest house: 11K, handcrafted, small home in Oregon

Yet another great video by Fair Companies.

"Nice vid.. 12:17 mins + commercial.
   Brian Schulz wanted to see "how small of a house I could make feel big". Inspired by the traditional Japanese minka homes that rely on local materials and steeply sloped roofs to create affordable, open structures, Schulz created a home using materials salvaged or sourced from within 10 miles of his home.
   Mike W"


Where Next ? said...

Wow ! Thanks for posting this Lloyd. Really impressive. A real handmade life happening there.

Anonymous said...

I really liked what he did with the siding. A nice twist on the standard board and batten which looks so much nicer and would be simple to mill yourself. Sometimes it's just one little thing you take away from a video like this that makes such a difference!

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