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Tiny Home/Huge Garden in Australia

"They say a man's home is his castle, but in this case the garden is John Kaplin's crowning glory. Mr. Kaplin's two-bedroom home at 23 Marville Ave, Kingsford, sits on only a fraction of the 950 sqm of grounds, with a giant fruit orchard occupying most of the space. 'I'm only one man, I don't need much space,' Mr Kaplin said.
   The garden is not just a sight to behold. It is also practical, with everything able to be eaten. With everything from fruit to spice trees, the garden has been a labour of love for Mr Kaplin, who moved into the home in 1997.
   He is now a popular ­neighbour and friend, handing out the goods from about 150 trees.…"
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1 comment :

dweeze (Johnno) said...

Great story.
However, I read through the link and it's all set to go:
"The home, which is now for sale, is DA-approved for subdivision along with approval for two two-storey freestanding family homes". At $1.7m asking price, it's more than likely all his trees will go and a couple of McMansions will sprout in it's place.
Life goes on...

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