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The Stone Houses of Earl Young

Hello Lloyd,
…I was recently visiting my native northern Michigan, and came across this builder from the mid-twentieth century, Earl Young.  He built "mushroom" houses out of different kinds of local rocks.  Seemed right up your alley.
Wiki -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earl_Young_(architect)
- Dawson (Moore)


Anonymous said...

these are so beautiful and intriquing.

while back i spent considerable time on the net looking at various sties/these houses. also ordered a small book fr the historical society on the...pics in it were not as good as on the net.

there has been fair bit of renos done inside these, sure wish i could look at pics prior renos, would be interesting.

Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog for some time now.. I live in Grand haven Michigan a few hours south of Charlevoix and have been by these stone buildings several times while treaveling UP NORTH. I also have 3 of your books. I still enjoy paging through them when i need a bit of inspiration on new stuff to do to my place. In Grand Haven, I live in a neighbor of century old cottages perched up inb the dunes overlooking Lake michigan. Of the 100 cottages here. almost a third are accessed from boardwalks paved with roughsawn oak boards. If you ever get home again ad would like a tour feel free to email me. I retire in a week and hope to start up a small business building cool funky porches on boring homes. Smo

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