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Camping on the Beach

Each time I do it, I don't know why I don't do it more often. Last week, coming down the coast, I parked and hiked for about 45 minutes to get to a secluded Sonoma County beach. I had a new super lightweight tent and I ended up like the Keystone Cops setting it up because I hate reading directions. It took me like a half hour to do something that should've taken four minutes.
   But it was a nice night. I roasted a local pigeon (from the freezer), and a potato and onion, both wrapped in foil, over the coals. Half a bottle of red wine. Sat around the fire for a few hours, surf crashing, no electronic devices.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried napping in the Fit yet?

Anonymous said...


Island Woman MJ said...

A fine way to spend some time. Right place and no wrong distractions.

Jack Stub said...

My kind of evening indeed! Glad you had a great night, and I'm exactly the same regarding instructions - don't read 'em, just put it together. It doesn't always work out well.

The night on the beach, without electronics, sounds like the way it should be.

Cheers, and thanks for the post.

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