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1928 Dodge/Cabin Camper

"…These are the wandering writers June and Farrar Burn and their sons North and South in their homemade camper in 1928."
Photo from Shorpy here. Sent in by Anonymous.

June's book Living High is listed in the upcoming Tiny Homes on the Move bibliography.
For details about their wonderful lives, including homesteading on an island in BC, see The Skaggit River Journal here.


Carl Schuerman said...

North, and South. Brilliant!

John Kaay said...

Happy is the person who marrys someone exactly as crazy as they are!

Anonymous said...

Tiny house pioneers in suit & tie & baby jane attire
with nutty kids names circa 1928
How cool is THAT!

Carrie Berry said...

Does this vehicle still exist? I hope it does!

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