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Swanton Berry Farm

Stopped here on our way down Highway One Saturday to see Aine and Will and one-day-old grandson #2. If you ever travel to Santa Cruz from San Francisco on the coastal highway, I recommend stopping in at this wonderful farm/store/cafe/museum. Union workers, organic strawberries (and shortcake), good coffee, vintage photos of the area 100 years ago. Totally good place. Plus the honor system of payment.

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Epicurious said...

I'm from N'hamp MA, and last August pulled into Swanton's on SC-SF drive while the family was asleep, knowing that this was a place that takes berries seriously. Never heard of it, but soon found it is a really really great place! Bought a quart and drove off, family still asleep. When they woke up, and had one taste they asked why I was so cheap and didn't buy more!

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