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Insect Hotels

Click here.

From Anonymous.

(This Inspiration Green is a wonderful website from the UK.)


Anonymous said...

I think these insects hotels looks great --- interesting - artistic - intriguing -- love the look of them... and variety.

However, truly I am wondering, does one "need" to encourage insects to make your yard home? Mosquitos seem plenty "at home" alread - dittp aphids - ditto ants --- mmmm???

Anonymous said...

These are just awesome, remind me of fairy shrines or the small houses the Japanese build for spirits near some temples.

Anonymous said...

and now Paris designers are getting in to the Bug House business...

Have to say, I like the ones above better, than these


i had no idea this type of thng even existed....

Wendy said...

Anonymous, these encourage "good" bugs. Unless you've got standing water, you won't be encouraging mosquitos. And aphids and ants won't be attracted to these either. Mostly these are for predatory insects like ladybugs (bugs that eat bad bugs) and pollinators (like mason bees), both of which help your garden.

Anonymous said...


thank you.. did wonder how that would work.

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