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Sky High Tree Top Treehouse

I do find it frustrating not to be able to find the source or photographer of so many photos floating around on Pinterest and other photo conglomeration websites. http://designspiration.net/image/839756883/


Jools said...

Hi Lloyd - I'm not sure of the source but it does look like an image from the BBC Documentary Human Planet - you can watch the clip here http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00dls1j

Anonymous said...

i think you are correct...i recal studying about these, about a hundred yrs ago, as a youngster.

Anonymous said...

Check out "The Tree Houses of the Korowai Tribe of New Guinea" - http://ultraodd.com/the-tree-houses-of-the-korowai-tribe-of-new-guinea/

Frustrating, indeed. My strategy is to open a new Google window and drag & drop the image into the search box for images. You could also right-click and save the image to your computer and drop it into the Google image box. Found this on the second page among the zillion tumbir and pinterest unattributed sharings.

Always look forward to your blog...

Keep on bloggin...

Anonymous said...

Hi Lloyd. If you google image search "korowai tree house indonesia" you will see many different images of this tree house.


Anonymous said...


- Justin

Sam Cahill said...

There was a good National Geographic article about them too sometime in the mid-nineties. Photo looks of about that vintage... Already the article talked about how they'd started building lower and lower, though. Also talked about their cook-fires--on mud panels set on thin sticks across a hole in the floor. If anything happened the fire would burn through the thin sticks and the whole thing drop harmlessly to the ground.

Island Woman MJ said...

I do as the above commenter does, searching it out (if possible) with google image, then post back to the site that posted it with a request to please try to source their posts. Maybe I sound like Nancy Teacher, but it bugs me in a whole lot of ways and Pintrest is just one of the big offenders.

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