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Golden Gate Bridge/Styrofoam Hummer

On way to SFO on Airporter. The GG never ceases to be beautiful.

United's terminal always has a great art exhibit.  Styrofoam Hummer by Andre Junge.


Anonymous said...

nice art, all, but i would sure laugh to see someone paint that Hummer up proper, and sneak it onto someone's roof. am assuming since it is styrofoam, it is light.

Dudley Evenson said...

Styrofoam is a very 'forgiving' medium. Would like to see other subjects carved in styrofoam.

Lloyd Kahn said...

Voice from past! Send me yr. address, will send you some books. I have the yurt lithograph you gave us (40 yrs ago!) (and was the cover of Shelter) on my wall.

Kevin S said...

Amazingly cliche. An H1 hummer which is traditionally enormous, strong, and overweight made out of a material that is lightweight, extremely fragile, and used for packing material. Very cool. I saw this as well last time I was going out to menlo park.

Anonymous said...

Kevin S,
interesting point. hadnt thought of it...

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