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Traditional Mongolian Yurt For Sale

$6,000, 250 sq. ft., Seattle

At Tiny House Listings, here.


Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, it's just fabulous, Lloyd. I love the doorway. I could even afford to buy it, and could drive to Seattle to get it, but it doesn't have a bathroom. Women of a certain age can't live without indoor plumbing. Too bad.

Anonymous said...

let's hope that this tiny yurt offers top-quality at such a price...

Some questions to consider if you are interested in buying a yurt imported from Mongolia (in the last ten years, importing companies sprang up like mushrooms) :
What is the quality of the materials ? is the yurt industrially manufactured or handmade ?
Do Mongolian craftsmen earn a decent income from their work ? Do they have good working conditions ?
Where do the wood come from ? (scarce resource in Mongolia)
Canvas, insulation, etc : quality ? sustainability ?
Ask serious builders - don't buy with your eyes closed

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