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Sliding Barn Door Hardware

From Mike Litchfield:

"Just came across a site that you might find interesting, that makes high-quality sliding door hardware--aka barn door hardware. Of course, sliding doors require less room to operate than hinged doors in space-starved houses, especially if it is an oversized door. Problem is that most barn door glides aren't precise and can jam. These guys feature a lot of stainless tracks and all the wheels have ball bearings. Looks like cool stuff."

Click here.

1 comment :

Catherine said...

Jen and John of epbot.com (and cakewrecks.com) have done a tutorial on how to make your own sliding door hardware for less than $100. (The ones Mike Litchfield refers to are over $300).

The article is at http://www.epbot.com/2013/03/make-your-own-sliding-barn-door-for.html

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