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Oak Timber Framed House in Devon, England

"This beautiful home in Devon, England called Seagull House, was traditionally framed in oak. It was converted from a barn in 1987 and designed by architect Roderick James who founded Carpenter Oak where you can see more pictures of the oak framed house. The traditionally framed building like this can last for 500+ years or more."


Anonymous said...


and i love that ladder/step snuck in beside the fireplace to access the loft..

Mr. Sharkey said...

??? Am I the only one seeing the image here as 11 horizontal strips displayed out of order? Tried two different browsers, but it's still pictorial gibberish.

Lloyd Kahn said...

Sharkey, thanks!!

Island Woman MJ said...

This just made me gasp...amazing work, thanks for sharing it with us.

Anonymous said...

"pictorial gibberish".....Nice phrase!

Anonymous said...

ah well, might as well say it...Mr Sharkey, when i saw that "pictorial gibberish"...i actually thought it was an artistic effort to draw the eye in... and it did mine... i went on to the site..

all in all, i recal thinking it was sort of a pleasant effect, yet when i read your comment, i felt rather foolish ... no matter... i have always been one who when dropping a dish on the floor would stop to admire the effect ...grin

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