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San Francisco Mission District Graffiti #2

28 Year Old Inspired to Change Life by Shelter

Reida clapped her hands when she saw a copy of Shelter at our booth (at the San Francisco Green Festival) today. "This book changed my life," she said. She said she bought a used copy in a bookstore in New York when she was 12. Here she is with her friend Eqo.

Art & Architecture in San Francisco

Early start Saturday morning. I get so excited in the city (Manhattan as well).  That's the old Marwedel Building with its unique glazed tile surface, on Mission St. In the '40s and '50s it was where we bought copper and leather and other art/craft items. Further on down Mission, the graffiti is just wonderful. Here are just a few shots (I shot a ton of great art in about 15 minutes). Country yokel bedazzled by urban creativity…Sending this off from Ritual Roasters on Valencia, a place this morning full of kids and their parents/sunlight streaming in, rocking music. Barista heaven. Now over to the Green Festival.

Surfing Under Golden Gate Bridge

Yesterday morning. This spot under the bridge is one of my go-to places when in the city. The guy in the outrigger was being very cautious. The beach here consists of big boulders, not a place to lose what looks to be an elegant, expensive boat.

Learning Timber Framing

I thought this comment was important enough to bring front and center.

scott has left a new comment on your post "Learning To Be A Carpenter": Check out the Timber Framers Guild @tfguild.org  . There may be a project in your area in the near future. They also have an accredited apprenticeship program through individual shops.

Sailboat Photos by Henrik Lindstrom

Henrik Lindstrom and his adventures on his sailboat Misty were covered in Tiny Homes (pp. 204-205). Since then Henrik and his girlfriend Ginni have sailed from Baja California to French Polynesia (including Tahiti) and are heading for NewZealand. We will cover their latest adventures in Tiny Homes on the Move: Wheels & Water. Here are a few photos from Henrik's blog, OnVoyage, taken when he was in British Columbia:


3/10" rain yesterday, we're up to about 3" so far this year, about normal, and I hope there's plenty more to come. The ground in the woods is finally moist. C'mon, mycellia! Creeks are on the rise.
   Cold morning. As I drove south along the coast, Skeeter Davis singing "Are You Ready For the Country?" -- "Are you ready for me?" Well, I'm ready for the city, for the Green Festival this weekend,  for some skateboarding (parts of Golden Gate Park closed to traffic on Sundays), for Ocean Beach and Trouble Coffee and photo-stalking.
   I'm studying cars. I realize that I don't want rear seats, but rather a flat area behind the front seats, like a pickup truck bed. A sedan would work if I could take out the partition to the trunk. (In 1960, my brother and I bought a 1950 Ford 2-door sedan, took out the back seat and partition, put in a mattress, and drove nonstop to Hartford, Connecticut, with 2-hour shifts; then 6 weeks later, drove it non-stop (71 hours) back to SF, and sold it for $200.) VW Passat diesel? I kind of like the Scion XB. One feature in addition to a flat rear area (where sleeping would be possible) is, I'd like is spiffy driving characteristics. In the '60s I had a Beamer 2002 and it was such a pleasure to drive; I'd go on a long trip shooting photos and arrive feeling fresh. The Prius design looks clunky. I might go for a smaller version of the Rav. The Element is larger than I need.
  This Blentec Über-blender is a life changer for me. This morning I blended up: Kombucha tea, water, fresh pineapple, some grapes, almonds, 2 scoops of chocolate-flavored whey protein powder (50 grams), small chunk of ginger, dandelion greens, 2 small carrots (incl. stalks). A lot of protein, nutrients from raw fresh greens, a bit of ginger spice -- plus it tasted great. Yesterday I had a 2-hour interview with a reporter for a Japanese magazine, was rushed for time, threw together a green smoothie, and it gave me instant energy.
   I put together 4 pages for Tiny Homes On the Move yesterday. Will get rolling on it again after the weekend…

Learning To Be A Carpenter

"Hi Lloyd, First of all thanks for all the inspiration! Your books have opened up an entire culture that I did not know existed. Seeing the way that you and the folks in your books are living lives simply and honestly has given me a whole new perspective on the world.
   I also really appreciate how it's not an idealistic way of going about it either. It's about making choices of what is beneficial in modern times and what you can really do without. I was wondering what advice you would have for someone that wants to get into carpentry that has no professorial experience.

Go to the post page…

Photo from From The Times UK by Anne Ashworth This is The Round House at Stanton Drew, Somerset, UK. You have to subscribe to The Times to read the article.

Early Morning Day After

Got up at 6, just as dawn was breaking. Wish I could say I do this often, but I don't. When I do I get 3 times as much done, everything is so quiet, exquisite, as the day unfolds.
  As I write this, right now on BBKing's Bluesville, "I'm Tore Down" by Freddie King. "I'm tore down, I'm almost level with the ground." Next: "Temptation" by Kelly Hunt. Shit, what great music!
 Change in the weather last night. Feels good. Been unseasonably warm. Fog now in, storm coming. Rain, rain (+ neg ions), come our way…
   I gotta say, the election was a huge relief to me. For the future of Supreme Court, for just one thing. In fact I'm pretty fucking overjoyed to think that the Koch brothers and Carl Rove and the Tea Party and Fox and the Money Guys and Trump/Limbaugh/other mean-spirited, controlling people couldn't buy (and lie their way to) the election. This just happened in America and it reminds me that there are things that I love about this country.

Now on radio, Buddy Guy with "I've Got Dreams to Remember," done live in the Sirius blues studio. Great vocal harmonies.

Tiny Homes On the Move: Water & Wheels We're in full gear. I'm corresponding with dozens of contributors. Material is coming in daily. Much from the UK -- lot of nomads there. I've got about 50 pages roughed out. The book has come to life, as our books do once underway. Mojo workin.
   It changes from day to day. About 25% so far are "Water" (houseboats,sailboats, tugboat); 75% "Wheels" (house busses, house trucks, RVs, trailers, vardo, vans). I sort of schizophrenically juggle this blog, all the necessary pub biz necessities, and working on the book (and getting out to the beach). Both Lew and Evan are starting to work on the book. Lew on various vehicular homes, Evan on snowboarder Mike Basich's truck/camper and 39' sailboat, and some bike guys.

Tiny Homes at San Francisco Green Festival this Weekend We'll have a booth, be selling Tiny Homes (plus other building books) for 20 bucks, giving away the mini (2"x 2-1/2') books. Lew, Evan and me. It's at a great venue, the SF Concourse Exhibition Center, which is like a big steel and timber barn. Sat-Sun, November 10-11, details here.

Stretching, the eBook Rick Gordon is putting the finishing touches on the iPad version of Bob and Jean Anderson's book Stretching (which has sold over 3 million copies and is in 23 languages). When Rick started putting together our 1st eBooks, none of us realized that he was going to do such a masterful job. Jeff Galloway's Marathon is head and shoulders (in design and ease-of-use) above any other running eBook in Apple's library. Then he did Tiny Homes and it's spectacular -- even on an iPhone. The electronic Stretching looks really good. It'll work on an iPad, also on an iPhone (dial up "Airplane Stretches" during your flight, or "Hotel Stretches" when you travel…).

Green Smoothies We just got a Blendtec super-powered (3 hp) blender. I'm making drinks with fresh fruit and greens (parsley, kale, spinach, dandelion roots, or carrot tops). A lot of times I get going in the office and skip lunch and this is a great solution. Interesting comparison between a juicer and a blender. With the latter, you get all the fiber. When I realized that, it was, like, duh…Not just carrot juice, but the whole carrot.
   Yesterday I made pancakes by adding 1 cup of oat groats, eggs, buttermilk, and baking powder (+ a little baking soda) --  blending, and voila -- batter. This is a wonderful tool (better late than never). I got it with two books by the Boutenkos which are exceedingly relevant in explaining the principles and providing recipes. Here it is on Amazon.

Elegant Mini Reading Glasses You can put these on your keychain; I keep a pair in my fanny pack. They fold up tiny. For whenever I don't have my backpack (with regular reading glasses). Discovered here on CoolTools (my favorite blog in the world). NOT available from Amazon; let's hear it for the manufacturers!

As I sign off, it's Slim Harpo doing "I Got Love If You Want It."


Cab driver turns taxi into hotel room

An enterprising London taxi driver cashed in on the Olympics by turning his black cab into overnight accommodation. http://shltr.net/Qc25qX

Adventures on the High Seas

Three sailing books I've run across lately (peripheral to working on our new book Tiny Homes on the Move: Water & Wheels):
In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex by Nathaniel Philbrick. Amazing true story of a Nantucket whaleship being rammed by an 85-foot whale, sinking, and lifeboat survivor cannibalism.
The Brendan Voyage by Tim Severin and Malachy McCourt. Epic adventure, re-creation (in the 1970s) of what is believed to have been the voyage of a sixth century Irish monk across the Atlantic (1000 years before Columbus) in an open, leather-skinned two-masted sailboat.
Mingming & the Tonic of Wilderness by Roger D. Taylor. Single-handed sailing for four months in the North Atlantic in a tiny junk-rigged yacht.

$1,000 Tiny Shed From Costco

"From now until November 11, this shed will be on sale for $1,000 which includes delivery. The shed is 10 feet by 7.5 feet and Costco is selling it as a storage shed or as a small office or living space.…The shed weighs about 1,100 lbs, is 9 feet high at the front peak and contains three transom windows and a 64 inch double door.…The structure comes delivered pre-cut and includes 2×4 construction, a sold wood floor, pre-hung doors with piano hinges and wall vents. There is also a 15 year warranty. The shed will take two people about two days to complete with a hammer, cordless drill and screwdriver. The owner will need to supply their own caulking., interior and exterior paint and roof felt and shingles…"
From the Tiny House Blog today, by Christina Nellemann

Owl Shed Doors

Built by Michael Nault in Eastern Ontario, Canada. Photo by Jennifer Ring