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Photo of Truck Camper Nestled in Woods by Jay Shafer

"40 Tiny Houses in 40 Days – Day 1
February 2, 2012
I’ve been shooting pictures of other folk’s tiny houses for over a decade now. While I’ve put some of my images in The Small House Book, I’ve still got some more stuff I should put out there. Here, then, are a few of my favorites- some new, some old."
- Jay Shafer, Tumbleweed Tiny Houses

Dusk at the Beach

You can never tell what it's going to be like on the beach. A few days ago I rode my bike to a distant beach and walked a mile or so on the rocky shore. Tide just starting to come back in. It had rained ¼" the night before and the air was fresh and loaded with negative ions. Surf big. Water with bluish almost metallic sheen. Sun starting to set, no wind, a reddish Winter-going-into-Spring cast to rocks and driftwood. I was thrilled.
Unexpectedly I came across this little driftwood bench. Sat down, toked up, watched sun dropping down to horizon. Reflecting on the instinct to build. Some people just have it, they put things together, like the person who assembled the driftwood for this beach lovers' perch. (That's my right foot there.) Good on ya, mate!

Back in the Water

4 to 5 months ago I slipped stepping off a ladder, spun around, and stuck my arm out to absorb the blow -- acute shoulder pain. I lay there thinking, just how bad is this? Well, pretty bad, not so much in the severity of the injury, but in the time it's taking to heal.* But finally, it's getting better bit by bit. I've gone to an acupuncturist, a traditional Chinese massage guy, a great physical therapy lady, and done light shoulder exercises when I can remember them during these busy times. Trying to avoid surgery.
   I've found during the course of many injuries over the years, that you get to a point where you're not making any progress, and you have to push a little into the pain zone with rehabilitation. The trick is to work the injured area enough to get circulation going and repairs started, but not screw things up even more.
   So, feeling a bit better, I went surfing last night, and it was a thrill to be back in the water for the first time in four months. I only got one ride, and that was on my knees (more than a bit rusty), but it was a start. Getting into the ocean in any manner whatsoever gets the chi flowing.

*I heard a comedian one day talking about how fast young people heal. He said when you're 18, you can get fairly badly hurt, then stand in front of the mirror and watch yourself heal.

A Bunch of Great New Pics at freecabinporn.com

Cabin built of slab wood by Dave Sinaguglia near Hartford, CT

A ton of great cabins have been posted in the last few days:

Early Florida Photos

"Old Cabin at Turkey Creek"


I believe this is a PowerPoint link, it doesn't open in my browser.
From Godfrey Stephens

Tiny Shinto Sleeping Shed in California Hills

"This reclaimed wood sleeping cabin was built by Simple Shelter Texas on a 40 acre site in California. Starting with a pile of reclaimed fencing and some other reclaimed wood, Victor Summers built this simple shelter to house a bed and seating and it even has room for a wood burning stove. Summers is a builder of one-of-a-kind, custom garden structures using reclaimed materials. He collects reclaimed wood and carefully plans his designs to minimize waste and keep costs down.
The original inspiration for this shelter came from Shinto temples and a desire for a low-key place of rest and contemplation. Mounted on 24″ reclaimed utility poles, the cabin is perched above the ground and accessed by a rustic ladder. All of the materials were recycled and reclaimed, except for the roof, which is corrugated tin and purchased was from Home Depot."
From Mike W in Eureka, Calif

TINY HOMES in Today's New York Times

Article by Penelope Green with short mention of our book

"…Lloyd Kahn, once the shelter editor of The Whole Earth Catalog, and the dean of the hand-built movement.
   Mr. Kahn, 76, has been publishing steadily under his own imprint, Shelter Publications, since 1973, and has influenced generations of passionate D.I.Y.ers. He has his own new book, Tiny Homes, Simple Shelter: Scaling Back in the 21st Century ($24.95), a glorious portfolio of quirky makers and dreamers…"

Photo of San Francisco's Mission Dolores, 1936

"Historic American Buildings Survey Robt. W. Kerrigan, Photographer April 10, 1936 VIEW FROM EAST - Mission San Francisco de Asis, Mission & Sixteenth Streets, San Francisco, San Francisco County, CA"
If you are in SF, and get a chance, look inside; the ceiling is stunning: "…The colorful high altar and the wooden ceiling with Native American patterns were hand-painted.…"
From the Library of Congress http://shltr.net/msndolsf
Sent us by David Wills

Allan Lomax Global Jukebox Goes Digital

"The folklorist and ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax was a prodigious collector of traditional music from all over the world and a tireless missionary for that cause. Long before the Internet existed, he envisioned a “global jukebox” to disseminate and analyze the material he had gathered during decades of fieldwork.
A decade after his death technology has finally caught up to Lomax’s imagination. Just as he dreamed, his vast archive — some 5,000 hours of sound recordings, 400,000 feet of film, 3,000 videotapes, 5,000 photographs and piles of manuscripts, much of it tucked away in forgotten or inaccessible corners — is being digitized so that the collection can be accessed online.

Jasper Netting Herring in Sausalito Yesterday

Top to bottom Jasper casting net; one net's catch; tiny herring eggs on rocks

Herring Are In

I've read about the local herring runs in the papers, but never seem the phenomenon  up close. Yesterday I was driving through Sausalito along the waterfront and things were hopping. Hundreds of seagulls wheeling and diving, and a bunch of flat bottomed aluminum fishing boats pulling in nets. I stopped and  started shooting photos when I heard someone yell "Lloyd!"It was my friend Jasper Monti, hunter and fisherman extraordinaire. He had on waders, and was carrying a net and two 5 gallon buckets.
   He explained that he was going to freeze the herring for salmon bait, and showed me how to cast the net. He pointed out all the tiny herring eggs that had been deposited on the rocks and seaweed on the shore. Well, right up my alley! I'm getting a net next week in San Francisco will be ready next year. Going to try making pickled herring.

Roundwood Timber Framing by Ben Law

This is a review I wrote for the Mother Earth News in December:
If I’d had Ben Law’s book Roundwood Timber Framing (Published by Chelsea Green) back when I was learning how to build in the ’60s, I would have been inspired to plant and tend trees suitable for house framing — I could have framed several buildings by now as a result. Filled with beautiful color photographs and detailed drawings, this one-of-a-kind, practical guide will likely evoke the same “if only” reaction in many of its readers.
One of the unique features of this book is its step-by-step description of the process for creating your own building materials. Another is that every building shown within was constructed using a modified cruck frame. This method consists of using two or more A-frames, and was used in medieval times to build houses, barns and halls. Law has adapted it structurally to triangulate, and therefore brace, rectilinear buildings. In the back of the book are sequential photos of the construction of seven different round-pole buildings.

Volkswagen Van Vagabonds

Email from Kevin Kelly yesterday:
"Classic, but with some good stuff. They have a book, too.
Van: http://shltr.net/vwvankk1
I like their tools: http://shltr.net/vwvankk
-- KK"
   "Driving some of the worst roads that Mexico, Central America, South America and Africa could throw at us the van never left us stranded for long. From high atop the Andes to the dry Namibian deserts to the foothills of Kilimanjaro, it thrived on whatever fuel we could find and happily chugged along as the third member of our team.
    The pop-top roof and the camping equipment made us a spectacle from Nicaragua to Uganda. Inside our tiny van Amanda created a miniature rolling abode by sewing throw pillows and adding those special touches that create the feeling of home.
   Within our cocoon we made a comfortable life for ourselves with very limited resources. We cooked our own meals, and by the end of the trip had slept more than a thousand nights in our cozy pop top bed.…"

From the Land of the Setting Sun

In beauty I walk.
With beauty before me, I walk.
With beauty behind me, I walk.
With beauty below me, I walk.
With beauty all around me, I walk.

It is finished in beauty.
It is finished in beauty.
It is finished in beauty.

~Traditional Navajo Prayer

Sunday night at beach

'I have the biggest concentration of tree houses in the world…"'

TINY HOMES in Today's Wall Street Journal

Here's a link to getting the whole article (for 7 days) without subscribing to the WSJ:
"It may be one of the most intriguing trends in homebuilding: do-it-yourself tiny homes.Š Lloyd Kahn's 'Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter,' a quirky photo-rich book that preaches the benefits of a 'grassroots movement to scale things back.' It has already sold 5,200 copies in the U.S. and Canada since going on sale Jan. 15, making the title a genuin e hit in a distinctly niche market.
   'It's about fantasy,' said Jonas Kyle, one of the owners of Spoonbill & Sugartown Booksellers in Brooklyn, N.Y., which reordered it after a modest initial order sold out.…
   'What all these books reflect is that people are interested in living more simply,' said Patricia Bostelman, vice president of marketing at Barnes & Noble Inc. "The economy declined, and people are finding ways to downsize." Barnes & Noble is carrying "Tiny Homes" in several hundred stores in major markets.:
   'What I'm saying with this new book is don't get a mortgage, don't pay high rent, and don't go into debt,' said Mr. Kahn. "If you're young enough or you're just starting out and don't want to work 12 hours a day, here's an alternative."
There are 6 photos from the book in WSJ online

Houses For Sale in France

This French website has everything from châteaux to farms for sale. This one is 151,000 Euros: "Charming traditional Perigourdine cottage situated in a secluded location in a pretty little hamlet in the Foret de la Double. The property has been renovated ot a high standard and boasts period features throughout including feature fireplace, exposed beams, colombages.…"

Creative Tiny House – Shipping Container Cabin in Sri Lanka

"This shipping container house is located in Sri Lanka and has beautiful views of a the mountains and overlooks the lake it sits next to. The cabin was built in less than a month by a crew with no previous building experience that simply followed the instructions of Damith Prematikake, the architect for the project.
What’s great about this tiny house is that while the inside space is limited, the deck above makes the home have much more usable space without having to heat or cool it. The scenic views are of course an added bonus.…"

23-year-old Ella Builds Own Tiny Home

From Tiny House Blog: 

"I’m Ella, a 23 year old musician and artist just out of college and I’m in the process of building my very own Tumbleweed Fencl. I’ve been in love with tiny houses from the moment it came to my attention they existed in 2010, and I’ve been saving my money ever since. Finally, last September, I bought a trailer and my step-dad and I began the grand construction!…"
Photo: Ella Jenkins

Young Hawk on Chicken Coop Yesterday

Luckily our coop is buttoned up tight with aviary wire. With our previous funky coop, we lost 5 hens to one of these beauties. Is that a scary eye or what? I believe this is a young Sharp-shinned Hawk, what with the yellow legs. There's something noble looking about raptors.