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Homemade Hardwood Housetruck in Australia

More from Luc Beauparlant (see post "Luc's Log Sauna Shipped from Quebec to Australia" below):
"I am attaching a photo of this great  "hotel room " where i stayed for your collection. Home made hardwood camper."

Pomeranian puppy reacts to howling wolves

RealBeat, A Sound Sampler App to Make Music With Everything

From Laughing Squid (big fave of mine these days):
"Digital sound artist Jörg Piringer shows how to use his RealBeat sound sampler app in…using…kitchen sounds."

Artist Converts Trash Dumpster Into One Room Home

On Laughing Squid via Kevin Kelly, film by Kim Aranson:

"Kim Aronson made a short video about Berkeley-based artist Gregory Kloehn, who has retrofitted a trash dumpster into a one room home complete with stainless steel fixtures and wood floors."

Surf Art by Steve Andrew

Received earlier today:

Hi Lloyd,
Came across your blog a few months a go and it is really inspiring. I'm an artist from the UK …My main inspiration is waves and surfing but i could turn a photo into a painting for a different feel. Here are a few examples of my work and keep blogging :)
Many thanks,
Steve Andrew

The Sultan's Elephant

Luc's Log Sauna Shipped from Quebec to Australia

Luc Beauparlant's saunas in British Columbia and Quebec were stop-the-press, last-minute additions in our 2008 book, Builders of the Pacific Coast. We did 4 full pages on these stunning structures (pp.164-67). Last week (3 years later), we got this email with photos from Luc:

Hi Lloyd.
I am sending you a photo of the last sweat lodge i installed in Australia last winter. It is actually the one that was in the studio here in La Minerve , the one in "Builders of the Pacific Coast" to which i ended up adding a roof and an exterior finish for a new above ground version.
The adventure/challenge started with having to take it all apart , label and number the hundreds of pieces, put them into crates and pallets. It practically filled a 40ft. container. I flew to Byron bay area to install it as it arrived there on the boat after 3 months journey on the ocean. ( And then, not the least through fumigation and customs.)


In garden yesterday. Butterflies and honey bees have been working the emerging sunflowers.

Recycled Wood "Parklet" at Trouble Coffee

Yesterday in San Francisco. Built in the last few weeks at Trouble Coffee on Judah Street by Ajax and crew. On the interior side are benches and plants.

Pic of Log Cabin in New York State

"Drove by this cute little log home and just had to stop and take a photo.  Always thinking about little houses and this one has to be a top ranking contender.   Love ya man, Bill"
-from Bill Castle, Pollywog Holler B&B, southwestern NY state

Elephant House NOT at Burning Man

Rob Murray just pointed out that this is in France, not Burning Man:
"This gigantic animal, 12-metre high by 8-metre wide, lives in the largest warehouse. When the majestic animal goes out for its walk, it is like architecture in motion departing a steel cathedral. The 49 passengers on board embark on an amazing journey on the Ile de Nantes. Each time the pachyderm goes out, it is a unique spectacle for everyone to enjoy.…"

Elephant House at Burning Man

"…This elephant house at Burning Man is made from fully recycled material and weighs 45 tons.…"
Photo credit on SF Gate:: ContentInACottage

Skating In Golden Gate Park This Morning

I got filmed in the park this morning for KGO Channel 7 TV. Mike Shumann, ex-49er wide receiver, the nightly news sports anchor, is doing the story. Abe Mendoza was the cameraman. After we finished shooting, I got this little girl, Maya Rose Wayman, age 8, onto my skateboard for her first standup ride (holding on to my arm, me walking alongside). Her dad, Wayman Lew, took the photo. More on Sunday's adventures later.