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Rainy Morning San Francisco

Went to a wonderful Leonard Cohen concert last night. It was the last stop on his current tour and had a feeling of finality, like maybe his last tour. Packed arena, and as the evening went on, there was a glow between LC and audience. They LOVED him, and it showed, and he responded. He has such a powerful suite of songs, a cooking 6-piece band of virtuosos, and a dream team trio of backup singers. Unique.
I'm writing this from a cool little cafe, with barista latte and free wi-fi, the Cafe Bean, 800 Sutter, checking my mail, getting ready to go over to the Green Festival. This fortune teller painting is just down the block.

Our Booth at Green Festival

green festival san francisco
Lew and I are getting pretty fast at setting up. This was the day before the event opened, and we hadn't put our tablecloths on or our books out.

Graffiti in San Francisco Alley

In an alley around 14th and Valencia this morning on my way to the Green festival

Opposite House—Glass-box Boutique Hotel in China

There ARE good architects at work here and there in the world. This spiffy (and expensive) hotel was "…designed by the Japanese master of transparent buildings Kengo Kuma…" Further: "…The hotel's basement, packed with quality food and drink …has already become a crucial new destination for hip locals.… Bei serves both sushi and duck in a smart, modernist interior that pays homage to nature. At night, the basement becomes an epicenter for a stylish younger crowd thanks to the dance-friendly bar, Punk, which flows seamlessly to the basement landing offering a glimpse of the luminous 22-meter stainless-steel swimming pool."
I just ran across this at Ritual Roasters uber-coffee house in San Francisco, am on my way to set up our booth at the SF Green Festival. It was on a pretty cool website, goodhunting.com

Childrens Activity and Learning Centre at Thai Hotel

Childrens' center at the hotel resort Soneva Kiri on Koh Kood, an island in the Gulf of Thailand.
Architects: 24h > Architecture, Habita Architects
Programs: Auditorium/Cinema, Library, Art Room, Music Room, Fashion Room, Balcony and slide
Constructed Area: 165 sqm
Design Year: 2006 - 2007
Construction Year: 2008 - 2009
Photographs: Kiattipong Panchee and Boris Zeisser

Last of the original Minis

I was walking down the sidewalk in Kenmare, Co. Kerry, in the morning (Sept. 23), and this guy came across the street, singing to his little girl (see her peeking through the window here). The Mini was his and I asked him about it (we have a Mini Cooper these days, and I used to rent these wonderful little cars in England and Ireland in the '70s). He said they made Minis up until 2001 (!) and you can tell the last production runs from the silver stripes.

Muckross Venture Center

This building was on the road going into Killarney, County Kerry. Don't know its history, but it's now used as a youth center.

Dry-wall Stone Beehive Hut in Ireland

beehive hut
I'm going through all my photos shot in Europe and will post a few from time to time. I could do a book on just this trip, but more pressing is to begin work (next month) on our new book on tiny houses. (We got content!)
This beehive hut is on the Dingle Peninsula, County Kerry, on the southwest coast of Ireland. No mortar. A beehive hut is built in a circle of successive strata of stone; each stratum is a little closer to the center than the one beneath, and so on. At the top is a small aperture that's closed with a flagstone or capstone. They were built in the "early christian period," or around 200 AD, by farmers. Look at what you can do with just stone! (They are similar to the stone trulli of Puglia, Italy.)
It was a sunny day, the grass vivid green, and we wandered on the hillside, where there were huts and stone corrals, all looking down on the sparkling blue Dingle Bay. If I may be allowed a "woo-woo" moment here, I felt as if I'd been there before. It felt so familiar, so peaceful, so right.

Spectacular Cliffside House

I just ran across 13 photos of this house in Buchupureo, Chile and is the product of owners and architects Alvaro Ramirez and Clarisa Elton. Thanks to noah for info on location and owners.http://bit.ly/1hF5x2

Dutch Village With No Roads

A village in Holland with no roads. All transportation by boats, paths and bridges. http://www.manyholes.com/2009/09/fwd-roadless-village-at-holland/

Huge Treehouse in Crossville, Tennessee

Photo by Chuck Sutherland on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chucksutherland/3977773445/

Great Blues Videos

Blues fans, trust me:http://myhouseofblues.com Jeez, I can't get any work done this morning since Lew sent me this website. Right now listening to a bit of guitar heaven, BB King, Eric Clapton and BUDDY GUY doing "Rock Me baby."

Composting Toilet on Lasqueti Island

Open-air composting toilet built by Birchbarkbobananda out of cedar in British Columbia, he calls it "crap-cedral." This photo taken by his Estonian friends is at: http://bit.ly/4cCuAf
Birchbarkbobananda is a world traveler with bike and sleeping bag, last heard of sailing the Baltics with an Iranian adventurer, building a "free low tech hot tub…". His postings at: http://bit.ly/1sKi8i
Photo sent us by Godfrey Stephens. Check out Godfrey's amazing carvings and paintings at: http://www.godfreystephens.com