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Fine Young Cannibals - Not the Man I Used To Be

Yesterday, I got out my CD, Raw and Cooked by the Fine Young Cannibals. Once in a while I'll go back and play an old favorite, curious to see how it holds up. This song is still hauntingly beautiful. It sent chills down my spine. This cut on YouTube is a rarity: a good music video. A bunch of break dancers in the studio with the band., black and white.

Energy from Waterfall

I get into this pool about once a week on my way home driving over the mountain. Get completely submerged and let the waterfall pound on my head for a few minutes, and emerge with chi activated.

Roadside Utra-Patriotism

Your guess is as good as mine. This is on Highway One near Gualala, California.

Kick-Ass Toyota Truck

When I drove up Highway One Wednesday to see my friend Louie in Mendocino county, I stopped for coffee at a cafe in Bodega Bay. I saw this truck with poisonality and when I went into the cafe, I asked the young guy sitting there if it was his. Yes it was. He was Stuart Brown, and he had replaced the independent front suspension with a straight axle and was welding bars on it (more to come) so it could bounce of things out in the woods. We hit it off and it turned out he knew who I was and had a copy of Builders of the Pacific Coast. It's wonderful to be running into these 20-30-year-olds these days who are into the same things we were 40 years ago (and still are).

The People of Kau by Leni Riefenstahl

Maybe 10 years ago I picked up some loose pages from an oversized (14" x 19") book by Taschen Publishers (Germany) at the Frankfurt Book Fair. I just ran across them yesterday, put this one on the wall in our studio, and shot this photo of it. I don't know if Taaschen ever published the book, but there are some used ones of a smaller edition (9" x 12") available from Abe Books for about $30. I just ordered a copy. Here's the synopsis:
"This is a photographic monograph on the life of the people of Kau. Leni Riefenstahl spent 16 weeks with the Nuba of Kau in 1975. These people, known as the "South East Nuba", live only 100 miles away from the Mesakin Nuba. Yet, they speak another language, follow different customs, and are very different in character and temperament. The knife-fights, dances of love and elaborately painted faces and bodies are photographed in the book."

Thunderbox Road Texas Outhouses

"Thunderbox Road is an exhibit of 12 full-size outhouses (also referred to as Thunderboxes) that top artists throughout the Hill Country have transformed into Thunderbox Works of Art. The exhibit is traveling, as a group of 12, throughout the Hill Country and San Antonio at local arts festivals, wineries and venues."

Outhouse pictured by Betty Rhodes and Greg Glowka, Wimberley and Fischer, Texas

-Sent us by Bill Steen

Lesley's Quilts #2

Bio-engineered Living Bridges in Northeastern India

"In the depths of northeastern India, in one of the wettest places on earth, bridges aren't built - they're grown.… a species of Indian rubber tree (Ficus elastica) with an incredibly strong root system thrives and flourishes.…The War-Khasis, a tribe in Meghalaya…simply grow their bridges. In order to make a rubber tree's roots grow in the right direction - say, over a river - the Khasis use betel nut trunks, sliced down the middle and hollowed out, to create root-guidance systems….The thin, tender roots of the rubber tree, prevented from fanning out by the betel nut trunks, grow straight out. When they reach the other side of the river, they're allowed to take root in the soil. Given enough time, a sturdy, living bridge is produced….The root bridges, some of which are over a hundred feet long, take ten to fifteen years to become fully functional…"
-Photo shows Umshiang Double Decker Root Bridge, Nongrot Village, Via Turla, Cherrapungee
-Factoid: Highest recorded year of rainfall in Cherrapungee was 1974: 960 inches.
-From Alexander Rose via Kevin Kelly