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Godfrey Stephens' Dory

Canadian artist/mariner Godfrey Stephens' junk-rigged dory Pookmis II, now owned by Godfrey's friend Nathan Penonzek. Godfrey sent me photos of this soulful little boat from his home in Victoria, BC, yesterday. The horizontal battens hold the sails open to catch the slightest breezes.

Rebecca Cole Designs

This wonderful store was a few storefronts down from the DEX beauty salon, at 214. W. 30th (between 7th & 8th Aves.). Rebecca Cole designs gardens, does events, and has a unique showplace, with poured concrete pieces as backdrop for plants. These things look like weathered wood. Apparently it just opened last week. They were just closing, so I plan to go by again tomorrow. http://rebeccacoledesign.com/

Motorcycle on 30th Street Made by Orange County Choppers

Spotted this on my way home from the book convention an hour ago. It was outside DEX, a very upscale hair and makeup salon, had been used in a photo shoot. Scott Wasserman, one of the hair stylists told me it was one of the bikes made by the father-and-sons team called Orange Country Choppers from Westchester, NY. They have a TV show.

New Book: New York In the '70s/Allan Tannenbaum

Photo (c) Allen Tannenbaum
Thursday night I went to a lively party at the Not Fade Away Gallery for this new book published by The Overlook Press. Blowups on walls of a rich artistic period in NY history: great photos of David Bowie, Iggy Pop, the Stones, John and Yoko, Talking Heads, etc., the exciting east coast scene that followed in the wake of the cultural revolution begun in San Francisco. My hair was in its sort of Einstein-ish-looking mode and a young guy came up and said, "You in any of these pictures?

Builders of Pacific Coast Gets Best Architecture Book Award

It was announced yesterday at Book Expo America that our latest building book won 1st place in the architecture category of the Foreward Magazine book awards

Midtown Manhattan Flower Store

On 56th, between 5th and 6th.

Master Masons

I've shot this beautiful building many times over the years. Someone just wrote in to inform me that it's the Jefferson Market library on 6th btw 9th and 10th Streets....For the really great and (less than it used to be) out of control Village Halloween Parade they often create a giant shadow/puppet of a huge spider crawling around its spire...

Alley Near Washington Square

Small Town Hick Once Again Dazzled By New York City

Came in on the redeye last night. No sleep at all; no can do on airplanes. Spent an hour standing in back of the 757 talking to a 6'-7"" pro basketball player from Serbia who is coaching the bball team at Feather River College in Quincy, Calif. Caught a bus from airport with surly Russian driver, $15 to Grand Central. As soon as I cross 3rd Ave —wham! — the vitality, energy, quality of the city; never fails. Get off the bus, a bit dazed (looking), and a woman says, Sir, want a cab? I nod and she hails one for me and I swear it's Loreta Swiit, "Hotlips Houlihan" from MASH. Gives me a big smile as a cab pulls up, then hails one for herself. Oh yes!
Check into the Affinia on 7th Ave (in the 30's) nice place, My redeye policy is not to sleep at all until the night, so head out in search of food (starving) and soon find myself down in the Village, get a not-very-good goat cheese omelette, then get a 30-minute Chinese neck massage ($30) that hurt, but loosens me up and wakes me up, so I walk to Washington Square and sit on a bench. Comfortable weather, grey skies, the city strangely quiet. Bunch of chess games. Two squirrels start chasing each other at high speed through the trees, noticed only by me and one dog. I like this very much.
Along comes a guy, 60s-ish-looking, riding a high tech scooter in front of the park benches. Um-um… I run after him and we have this great conversation about scooters, (since I ride one in cities and in fact brought mine along on this trip and plan on cruising tonight) then talk gravitates to the Whole Earth Catalog and he tells me he's an artist and in 1990 did the light show for 12 gigs of the Rolling Stones Steel Wheels tour. Marvin Torrfield. We have so much in common I hate to see him go, a kindred spirit. Only in NY.

I first came to NYC in 1957 at age 22 (Nevada was the farthest east I'd been until then), rented a room on Morton Street in the Village and worked for 2 months on the night shift at a Durkee's plant in Queens processing shredded coconut. We processed (cooked in cement-mixer contraptions-with-heat) 10,000 pounds of shredded coconut every night. At end of summer caught ship to France, hitchhiked to Milan, bought new Lambretta motorscooter, spent 3 months traveling all over Europe.…I do digress.
Sun now coming out, the afternoon light is beautiful. I'm in the 24-hour-with free-wi-fi Esperanto coffee house, 114 McDougal just down from Wash Sq. Very cool place.
Everywhere I look are fantastic looking people. This girl had been sitting in the cafe, sun illuminating beautiful hair. This was after she stepped outside, through window.

Garden in Spring

With the late rains, the garden is in its prime.

Laundry to Landscape Grey Water System by Art Ludwig

Art Ludwig is the author of Create an Oasis With Grey Water, by far the best book on the subject. He's just recently come up with a new, cheap way to get laundry water into the garden, which is "…the simplest, least expensive, lowest effort way to get the most greywater out on to the landscape most effectively." Free plans here

Street Graffiti in San Francisco's Mission District

These were in an alley off the 600 block of Valencia St. Last Friday morning.