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5 Days in the Heat: Trip to San Jose Del Cabo, Baja California Sur Sep/Oct '08

It was 97 degrees and muy humido when I got off the Alaska Airlines flight at 3 PM, at the Los Cabos airport. Got a rental car and took off to visit friends and check out the rampant growth of the past 3-4 years here at the southern tip of Baja. Got right into the water, it's 85 degrees for chrissake. Heaven for a water guy from San Francisco. No wetsuit, it's relaxed, you can swim as long as you like without getting chilled, much less hyperthermed. Here are a few photos:

Surfer at "The Rock," Costa Azul, San José del Cabo

Old house (vertical logs plastered with mud) in Playitas

Baja 4-wheelers are in a class (of toughness) of their own

Fishing boat parked in Playita near the new harbor; looks ready to rock & roll...

High off the ground 4-wheeler with what looks like a fiberglasss shell, parked across from The Roadrunner cafe in San Jose del Cabo

Owner is architect Sergio Guererro Morales