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Natural Fashion: Tribal Decoration From Africa/Suma and Mursi Tribes of the Ono Valley

Here we are in the last frantic stages of finishing up a 3-year project, a book on carpenters in British Columbia, and what happens? I run across a book that just stops me in my tracks: Natural Fashion: Tribal Decoration From Africa; the photographer is Hans Silvester, who has to be a wonderful man to have formed such rapport with these people, the Suma and Mursi tribes of the Ono Valley, which is at the junction of Ethiopia, Kenya, and Sudan. This is on the order of Edward Curtis documenting the last days of Native American glory.

I took some time off from designing the cover of our book to shoot these photos of this wonderful book. Buy it! I'll send you a check for the purchase price if you don't think it's incredible.

The bittersweetness of it is that it's a way of life that is vanishing. "Tourism advances, subverting and destroying the lives of the local people even more irrevocably than civil or tribal wars, trade, and the vagaries of climate…." In one village, tourists are starting to arrive in 4x4s…