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Five Pix From Trip North

Last week I went in my truck to Lake County to shoot some final photos of Sun Ray Kelley's temple in the woods, then over to hang out with my friend Louie on the Mendocino coast. Here are a few pix:

Moi in foreground of mirror at entrance to Harbin Hot Springs

Barn near Calistoga, Calif.

Trim farm building, Mendocino county

I'm 30 feet in the air, nervously looking down at the river before letting go of the brake and sailing 500 feet on the cable in a bosun's chair to get to Louie's house across the river. This cross-river conveyance is described in the article on Louie Frazier in Home Work: Handbuilt Shelter

Interior of Louie's winery, a timber-framed structure with corrugated metal siding. This shows the propped-open windows.

Driftwood shack at the Navarro river beach