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Green Festival in San Francisco

My cohort Lew and I set up a booth to sell our books at this year's San Francisco Green Festival. It was the first "green" festival we'd been to (other than the SolFest solar energy festival), and it was an amazing event. Huge! The hall was packed. This has become a powerful movement. You could hardly walk through the aisles.

The vibes were fabulous. What struck me most was the quality of the goods and services on exhibit. It looks like all these green concepts that've been floating around for the last 30 years, have jelled. A lot of the green stuff is working. There was hardly any crap, in contrast to any other event I've been to. The natural fabrics and clothing were beautiful. Hemp clothing has come a long way from the early crude products. Elegant hemp shirts, all natural fibers, organic everything from coffee to cotton. Solar power, green building materials, socially conscious investing, tons of great food, 100s of exhibitors, the unifying theme being treating the earth with respect and living in harmony with the living planet. Amen!

Organic cotton clothing

Booth of A Hard Day's Knight, a group of volunteers who conduct summer camps for teenagers, teaching them about life in medieval times, recreating different eras, wearing authentic clothes of the times, etc.

Beautiful healthy family stopping at our booth. A lot of people like this stopped by to say hello and thank us for inspiration from our building books.

Homemade bamboo baby stroller by Hunter Wallof of Pt. Reyes Station

It's now a few days later and in retrospect what happened was that the green-conscious people have discovered our building books. We were mobbed. We sold almost 150 copies of Home Work. It was great to watch all these young people pouring over our books. A new audience.